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What is The Age Of My iPhone? How Can We Tell How Old Is My iPhone Is?


When was my iPhone released? This is a frequently asked question by those who own an iPhone. Knowing how old is my iPhone is may make or break your experience with it. If you’re buying or selling a used iPhone, you’ll want to know how old it is so you can make an informed decision.

Is this an old or a new iPhone? This is a frequently asked question by those who own an iPhone. When it comes to several scenarios, knowing how old an iPhone it might be helpful. When purchasing or selling a used iPhone, it’s essential to see the model’s age since this can tell you when it was bought and how old it is.

If you know how to check your iPhone’s age, you won’t have to buy a second-hand or new iPhone. Based on this knowledge, you can make better purchasing decisions by knowing how old your iPhone is and whether or not you should buy a new one or remain with your current model.

This article will show you how to find out how old your iPhone is. There are a few ways to tell how old your iPhone is. So, keep reading to learn where to hunt for it in detail.


The serial number of the iPhone will be necessary in order to determine its age. Getting your smartphone’s serial number is as simple as going to Settings>General>About on your device.

  1. Apple’s Support Website Can Check Your Iphone’s Age

If you already know your iPhone’s model and serial number, you may use one of three methods to establish how old it is. Apple’s support page is the most reliable source of information available today.

Fill out the “Check Coverage” page on the Apple support website with your iPhone serial number and click “Check.”

After that, type in the verification code and click Continue to go to the next page of the process.

The information on the iPhone’s warranty and support may be found on the following page. As a result, the warranty term will be shown on your phone. So, to find out how old your iPhone is, look at the warranty term. An Apple product is covered by a one-year warranty starting from the date of manufacture.

  1. Use The Chipmunk Tool To Find Your Iphone’s Age

Verify the age of your iPhone by entering its serial number. So, first and foremost, visit the online Chipmunk tool. After that, you’ll be prompted to input the serial number associated with your iPhone. Once you’ve completed this step, click “Allow me to access the information” to see the information about your phone.

On the next page, it displays the year and week in which the iPhone was manufactured. Knowing the year of manufacture of your iPhone allows you to make an educated guess about its age.

  1. Find Out How Old Your iPhone Is By Its Serial Number

Finding the location where your iPhone’s unique serial number may be found is second nature to most people. This number may be used to determine the year in which your phone was manufactured.

There are 12 digits in the serial number, and the 4th digit should be carefully remembered since it is imperative. Examine the picture below to discover the year in which the product was manufactured.


We wish you the best of success in determining the age of your iPhone. If you found this article to be useful, please help us spread the word by passing it to a colleague. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries about the methods described in this document.

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