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When Using a Roku Streaming Device, How Can We See Youtube Kids Content?


Kids can easily find maturity-level video content on YouTube Kids. As a parent, you control what movies, television shows, and video collections your children see.

As a result of the parental control feature, you can set screen time limits, block problematic channels, and much more.

Except for Roku, youtube kids on Roku is available on all platforms. The parts that follow will explain how to use Roku to watch YouTube Kids.

It’s possible to screen mirror YouTube Kids films even if they aren’t accessible on Roku’s Channel Store. Screen Mirroring on your smartphone must first be enabled on your Roku device before you can use it.

You may also use the cast icon on your Roku-connected TV to project a YouTube Kids video. Screen mirroring should work if the cast symbol doesn’t.

How To Stream Youtube Kids On Roku

When employing screen mirroring, you can still view YouTube Kids videos even if they aren’t accessible in the Roku Channel Store. Screen Mirroring on your smartphone must first be enabled on your Roku device before you can use it.

You may also use the cast icon on your Roku-connected TV to project YouTube Kids video. If you can’t see the cast icon, try using screen mirroring instead.

Use Android To Watch Youtube Kids On Roku

  • For Android users, the Youtube app may be found on the Google Play Store.
  • To finish the installation, launch the app then follow an on instructions.
  • A Roku and Android device must be connected to the same Wifi connection.
  • Access your device’s settings by minimising your app.
  • Look in the options menu for and choose the Cast option.
  • The gadget will start scanning the region for other similar devices. From the drop-down menu, choose a Roku device to stream content to.
  • Open the Youtube app on your Android phone.
  • YouTube Kids videos are now available on your TV so you can enjoy them on the big screen wherever you are.

Using An Iphone To Watch The Youtube Kids On A Roku Player

YouTube Kids must first be installed on your iPhone before the screen may be mirrored. For screen mirroring to work, you’ll have to use an app purchased from the App Store on both your iPhone and Roku.

  • Connect your WiFi-enabled Roku and iOS devices to the same WiFi network.
  • To use Mirror for Roku, download and launch the app on your Roku device.
  • While you’re about it, download and install Roku Mirror for iPhone.
  • The app should now be accessible on both devices.
  • Choose the Roku device from your iPhone’s list of nearby devices.
  • Set up your Roku device to get alerts from your Apple TV.
  • Then choose Start Broadcast and Start Mirroring to begin the broadcasting process.
  • Use your Google account details to access the YouTube Kids app.
  • You may now play the content you wish to see on a larger screen.

With Windows Pc And Roku, You May Watch Youtube For Kids

  1. Go to on your Windows PC’s browser.
  2. To log in, just use your Google credentials.
  3. You may accomplish this by pressing Windows + P on your PC’s keyboard.
  4. Go to the Project tab and click on the Link to a display adapter link.
  5. Utilize your Roku device to project the PC screen.
  6. Finally, connect your Roku-connected TV to the internet and watch your favourite YouTube video for children.


These numerous approaches allow your kids to easily watch their preferred television programmes on their television displays.

There are a number of ways to get into the world of YouTube Kids, but the most direct one is via YouTube itself. You are also using the app to mark videos as unsuitable for youngsters and keep tabs on what they’re watching on the internet.