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Who are Alex Bain Parents?


DAD DUTIES Coronation Street’s Alex Bain, 18, fires back at harsh trolls who declared the single dad was a ‘bad parent’

CORONATION Street actor Alex Bain broke into an angry outburst as he highlighted the “difficult” of “being a single dad”.

The 18-year-old lashed back against nasty trolls who had questioned his parenting – then removed his angry comments.

Lydia-Rose was born to the soap star’s then-girlfriend Levi Selby, who was just 16 at the time of her pregnancy, last year.

Anyone who doesn’t like how he’s raised his kid can message him on Instagram and “honestly had enough,” he wrote in a post on the social media site.

“We all know what will happen if I see one more negative remark on one of my postings about being a wonderful father.

“You pagan nobodies who can’t maintain relationships, I challenge you to try being a working single dad in this field!

“It is a shame that males have to use this excuse! You have no idea what I’ve been through in the past year!”

After separating from the mother of his baby girl last year, Alex recently discovered love again.

Alex is seeing a dancer named Mollie after splitting from his baby’s mother in May of last year.

A heartfelt “I love you very much!” was the actor’s response to the text. So happy to have you as a friend! No other feeling has ever compared to this!”

When Alex found love with the dancer, he said he had never been happier in his life.

“I love her so much!” he said in a February Instagram post alongside a slew of photos of the two cuddling up.

After completing his GCSEs in 2018, Alex became a father. Lydia Rose was born on December 2nd to Levi, his ex-girlfriend at the time. Sadly, the couple parted up in May of last year.

“They were genuinely happy together when their baby girl was born,” a source told The Sun at the time.

In response to the well-wishes of her friends, the new mother wrote: ‘I love her.’

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Coronation Street.

Since Alex was compelled to deny that he and his pregnant girlfriend were breaking up, the revelation comes at an awkward time.

There was speculation about whether the actor expected, and the actor fought back at the rumors.

‘I’m still with my girlfriend, and I can’t wait to have my own little family!’ the soap star posted on Facebook at the time.

Insiders have told the newspaper that the adolescent pair is more vital than ever despite their recent struggles.

“They’ve gone through some tough times but are stronger than ever and can’t wait to see their baby,” a source added.

‘Now that they have a name, it makes it seem even more real.’ The only thing they care about is getting the word out.’Me and my little girl from now on!!’ Levi captioned a photo of an ultrasound scan she had just undergone. With her, I can’t wait to begin my life.

In May, the shocking news broke that Alex, who has played Simon Barlow on Corrie since 2008, would become a first-time father to Levi.

Levi shared a picture of her sonogram on social media on social media to announce her pregnancy.

In response to the teen’s announcement that she was pregnant and due on December 8, she received a slew of supportive messages.

‘Alex has been telling everyone he’s going to be a father,’ a source close to Alex told The Sun at the time. It’s not a secret to him. Even though he doesn’t appear to be overjoyed, he doesn’t seem to be embarrassed about it.’

In contrast, the source indicated that Alex’s school in Lancashire was using it as a diversion from his GCSE studies.

A few have remarked that he’s too young to be having a child. One other individual at his school has had this happen in recent years, so it’s shocking to hear about it,’ they added.

Judith Calvert, Levi’s grandmother, seemed delighted when she posted an ultrasound photo as her Facebook profile picture, complete with love.

Her aunt Tracey Adams, who responded with the words “congratulations to you both,” gave the pregnancy the thumbs up as well.

In 2008, Alex was cast as Simon Barlow, the alcoholic son of Peter Barlow, and after his mother, Lucy Barlow, passed away.

Once adopted by his stepmother, Leanne Battersby, the disturbed character became abusive towards her and was forced to be turned in to the authorities.

Simon was recently exposed as a member of the gang responsible for the mugging of Audrey Roberts after getting mixed up with the wrong crowd.