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Who are Keelan Groves?


The parents of a 15-year-old student who was found hanging in his bedroom after a dispute over using his cell phone at night were shocked to discover the body.

A devastated mother and father talked of their grief after discovering their son Keelan Groves dead at their house in Fleetwood, Lancs.

Schoolboy hung in his room by shocked parents after a quarrel overusing cell phone in the middle of the night.

One evening, Keelan Groves, 15, was late bringing his phone downstairs after being warned that he was required to do so, and an altercation ensued.

It led to the phone being taken away from him at school.

Two days after apologizing to his mother, the adolescent was found hanging at his home in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

According to the father, Darren, who testified at the inquest following his son’s death, “We had an agreement with the children that on school nights mobile devices come downstairs to be charged, so they don’t play on them all night.”

There had been no issues with that agreement for several years. She would send him a message stating it’s time to bring the phone down, and he would do what she instructed.”

He was reprimanded and later had the gadget confiscated at school after Keelan brought it down late one night from his room.

During our conversation, it seemed inevitable that he would receive it back from the school the following day, according to Mr. Groves. After 4 pm, he apologized to his mother and retired to his room.

He seemed alright when I went inside his room.” He was viewing YouTube videos while seated at the foot of his bed. His interest in music led him to watch the band in the audience. As far as I could tell, he was in a good mood.”

“I can’t believe he intended to terminate his own life,” he claimed after discovering Keelan’s body after only leaving him for 20 minutes.

He stated Keelan’s death by hanging was an “act of impulse,” but he didn’t know what would happen because the adolescent had not anticipated the ramifications of what he had done.

A teenager was found hanging in his bedroom in London after arguing with his parents about using his phone at night, the Telegraph reports.

An inquest heard that Keelan Groves, 15, and his younger brother were advised to leave their electronic devices downstairs when they went to bed.

Keelan, an aspiring drummer in a rock band, was late taking the phone downstairs one evening last May. Julie tried to take the phone away from him when he disagreed with his parents the next day.

However, he reclaimed it from her and brought it to school, where the head of the year confiscated it and locked it away in a safe.

A few days later, on May 18, Keelan returned to the family’s semi-detached home in Fleetwood, Lancashire, where he apologized to his mother and was found hanging. In Blackpool Victoria Hospital, he was admitted but died two days later in Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Coroner Richard Taylor ruled that his parents were not to blame their son’s death since they had reasonably punished him.

He told Keelan’s father, Darren: ‘There is nothing that I have heard or read that suggests either you or your wife should regret oneself in any way’ after recording a judgment of death by hanging. Many parents in this situation would use this as fair punishment.

The apology was accepted since it appears that Keelan admitted his mistake and apologized to his mother.

His school supported this penalty and was meant to last only a short time.’ He was confident that the school would return his phone to him the following day. ‘What if?’ is a common question raised by worried parents.

‘I believe you would have seen nothing wrong with your sentence if you had been placed in the same situation as me.’

‘I think Keelan acted on an impulse,’ says the detective. It wasn’t well-thought-out or carefully orchestrated.

What he did was ultimately out of character for him.’ During the inquiry, it was revealed that Keelan, a student at Fleetwood High School in Year 10, loved music and performed regularly with a local rock band as a drummer.

A statement from Mr. Groves before the inquiry stated: ‘We had an arrangement that mobile devices on school evenings come downstairs to be charged, so kids don’t play on them all night. Those terms of the agreement have been in place without incident for several years.

As soon as his mother texted him to tell him it was time to bring the phone downstairs, Keelan would do just that.

In my opinion, he should not have taken his own life.’ I left his room earlier, and he appeared to be in good spirits.’