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Who Is Jaynesh Chudasama Linkedin?


London drink-driver imprisoned for 13 years for killing three teenagers

jaynesh chudasama linkedin attacked Harry Rice, George Wilkinson, and Josh McGuinness while over the limit

It took a 13-year sentence for a man who ran over three teenagers as they walked to a party because he was more than twice over the drink-driving limit.

Jaynesh Chudasama, 28, of Hayes, west London, pleaded guilty to three charges of causing death by hazardous driving in a plea bargain in February.

As well as Harry Rice, a semi-pro footballer, George Wilkinson, an apprentice electrician, and Josh McGuinness, all 16, the car-hire worker, who had cannabis in his system, was struck on January 26.

According to testimony from the Old Bailey, the defendant was driving at 71mph on a 60mph route in west London when the incident occurred.

For his sentencing, people in the courtroom were visibly moved by their emotions as they saw him be sentenced. When the defendant fled and left the youngsters to die, they dubbed him “cowardly.”

In the words of Tracy Blackwell, Josh’s Mother, Chudasama, Would “Rot In Hell.”

It is clear that “nothing any court can do can assess the loss of Josh, Harry, and George, because it is plain that their sorrow is immeasurable.”

For 13 years and six months, she sentenced the defendant to prison and banned him from driving.

The sentencing was interrupted by a large group of demonstrators, who were pushing for more substantial penalties for hazardous drivers.

His brother Matthew, who was in the car with Harry and his two pals, stated, “I’m protesting because my brother was brutally snatched away by a cruel driver who got in the vehicle knowing he was going to drive the car under the influence. It’s time to put him out of his misery.

It was reported to the court that parliament was discussing suggestions for life sentences for the most egregious incidents of death by reckless driving.

A fellow driver referred to the defendant as “driving like a bat out of hell” in a police report. Chudasama and the passenger left the vehicle after the car plowed into the boys, but two boys pursued them and dragged the driver back to the site.

“It’s Going To Be A Lifetime Of Guilt And Remorse,” Leila Gaskin said in mitigation. She believed that he decided to drink and drive after a night out with friends because of peer pressure.

Because he ran from the scene, the judge claimed that the defendant was not regretful. She went on to say that when Chudasama was caught, he failed to explain his whereabouts to the police.

“Different, Exciting And Admirable Goals For The Future” of the three lads who were killed had brought “Hurt, Rage, And Despair.”

During testimony in court, members of the families of the accused students’ high school friends described “every parent’s worst nightmare.” “That dreadful night my son was snatched from me will stay with me and haunt me for the rest of my life,” George’s mother, Sarah Baker, said.

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