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Who is Ken Zetie?


At St Paul’s boys’ school, George Osborne was a student under Dr. Ken Zetie, head of science and taught physics.

An undercover police sting led to the arrest of a teacher at St. Paul’s for 17 years.

She was accused of arranging a meeting with the 13-year-old girl in her neighborhood.

An investigation has found him guilty of sexually inciting a minor girl to participate in sexual behavior and planning the conduct of a child sex offense.

Zetia resigned after she was detained in February.

Mark Bailey, the school’s headmaster, wrote an email to be former and current students today.

According to reports, the top teacher at St Paul’s, where George Osborne attended school, is said to have attempted to meet up with an underage girl to engage in sexual intercourse.

Dr. Ken Zetie, 51, has been charged with two offenses following an undercover police sting operation at the institution where he taught for 17 years.

St Paul’s headmaster Prof Mark Bailey referred to a shocking and unconscionable betrayal of trust in an email sent by the school today and seen by Mail Online.

Physicist Dr. Zetie was detained in February after reportedly making plans to meet the girl online.

Confronted with child sexual crime accusations after his retirement, the former head of the organization was found guilty.

A Slough Magistrates’ Court date has been set for Tuesday, according to a police spokesman.

All students taught by Dr. Zetie have been notified by email by Prof. Bailey today.

Police in the Thames Valley says a man has been charged with two counts of a sexual offense against a child following an investigation by the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit.

On July 19, Kendrick Zetie, 51, was charged with one count of attempting to influence a child to make sexual behavior and one count of attempting to organize the conduct of a youth sexual crime.’

According to the police report, Zetie was taken into custody on February 15th for allegedly committing a crime.

Ex-teacher at London elite school charged with sexual charges.

Former chancellor George Osborne’s private school instructor has been accused of sexual offenses.

An East Berkshire magistrates court date has been set for Ken Zetie, 51, who taught at St Paul’s School for Boys in Barnes, south-west London, for 17 years.

A child’s sexual assault and incitement to prostitution are two of his alleged offenses.

Zetia was detained on February 15th, according to the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit.

The school’s headteacher, Mark Bailey, informed parents and pupils of the development in a letter, adding that the claimed occurrence was unrelated to any school’s children.

During her time at St Paul’s, Zetie served as the director of outreach and academic partnerships and the head of science.

Its alumni include former attorney general Dominic Grieve and journalist John Simpson, both of whom have worked for the BBC.

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