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Who is Ossama Hamed?

Who is Ossama Hamed?


Ossama Hamed, the accused assassin of Tudor Simionov, has fled to another nation.

A Mayfair bouncer’s killing suspect has vanished, and officials think he had fled to a foreign nation.

Cameras showed New Year’s Day gatecrashers attempting to enter into an upscale home on Park Lane near Fulham, west London, approximately 5.30 am on January 1, 2013. According to reports, 25-year-old Ossama Hamed was one of the gatecrashers.

Krayem was born and raised in the Rosengrd neighbourhood of Malmö in 1992. For “Without Borders,” which the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet called a “documentary on how to succeed with migration into Swedish society,” he was only eleven years old at the time of the film’s 2005 publication.

Krayem is said to have been radicalised by Anwar al-Awlaki, an American and Yemeni imam and Islamic educator and alleged top recruiter and motivator for al-Qaeda. Krayem reportedly apparently tried to recruit Arab Swedes living in Sweden to join him in Syria’s conflict.

When he was captured in Brussels in April 2016, he was one of Europe’s most wanted fugitives and regarded as an experienced ISIS operative.

Ossama, not Osama, is how Belgian officials have spelt the subject’s first name, according to the Wall Street Journal. In addition, he was sentenced to an additional month in prison on the same day.

Terrorist Attacks or Threats to Terrorists

Krayem left Sweden in 2014 to join the anti-Assad Islamic terrorist organisation ISIS in Syria, where he has been fighting ever since. He is claimed to have been one of the first Swedes to join ISIS, according to reports.

In January 2015, he uploaded a photo of himself standing in front of an ISIS flag while wearing military fatigues and holding an AK-47 to his brother in Sweden through Facebook. On March 14, 2015, he shared a footage of a Palestinian teenager being executed in Jerusalem on his Facebook page.

There were positive reactions from viewers in Malmö, as well as from watchers in Syria. Krayem was found to have been present at the spot where Moaz al Kasasbeh, 26, a Jordanian air force pilot, was burnt to death by ISIL in 2015.

Re-entering the European Union through Turkey and Greece on September 20, 2015, as Naim Al Hamed, the fake Naim Al Hamed, claimed to have returned from Syria on September 19, 2015. (identified as a Syrian national born on 1 January 1988 and originating from Hama, Syria, according to the falsified papers).

Nam Al Hamed settled in Belgium after travelling to Europe. It has been reported that in the beginning of October of last year, Krayem met with Salah Abdeslam in Ulm, Germany, in order to explore the prospect of working together on terrorist actions.

One of the Belgians accused of involvement in the terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13, 2015, was Abdeslam. Abdeslam was arrested in Molenbeek, Belgium, on March 18, 2016, after leaving the site of the crime.

Witnesses report that Krayem bought the rucksacks used in the terrorist attack on Brussels Airport in Zaventem from the Brussels City 2 shopping complex, where he was seen on CCTV. His dna was found in the Schaerbeek (Brussels) flat where the Zaventem airport bombers had stayed.

He was expected to be the second person at Pétillon Metro Station after bomber Khalid El Bakraoui. El Bakraoui is suspected of carrying out the assault on the Maelbeek metro station shortly after the blast.

During his questioning, Krayem acknowledged that he was the second metro bomber and that he regretted not detonating his suicide bomb because he felt sorrow at the last second.

When Krayem’s DNA was recovered in the Paris terrorists’ homes, it was concluded that the attacks were linked to Krayem on April 19, 2016.

After the November 13 Paris terrorist incident, France’s National Gendarmerie arrested him in June 2018 to investigate his potential involvement.

It is imperative that Osama Hamed, but Then again, neither Aden Hamada be apprehended.

Please contact the police immediately if you have seen them and know where they are.”

Hamed may have left the country on Monday, according to a police source.

“These are live lines of enquiry; consequently, I am not willing to speculate on where they may be,” Detective Inspector Moncrieff stated today. ‘

Rest assured that we’re collaborating with other partners to locate them if they remain.

After our investigation, a lady has been accused with perverting justice. Our investigation is still underway.”


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