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Who is Robin Smith Ryland?


Thanks to his dazzling physical beauty and superb 4,000-acre hunting country house, Robin Smith-Ryland has long been a ladies’ man.

At his wedding to Yves St. Laurent’s former director of couture, Baroness Helene de Ludinghausen, a former emperor and several European princes.

Sadly, the marriage did not last, but the Smith-Ryland wandering eye can be confidently stated to be in working order. To my knowledge, he has a new horse in his life: a former joint master of the Quorn with Prince Charles.

Lucy Barrow, a mother of four, has moved into his mansion in Warwickshire.

Helene, who is ten years Smith-senior, Ryland’s, says, “He had a wife before me, and he has always had ladies in his life.” Aside from being a little surprised, it wasn’t a big deal because I only found out about them after the fact. “Thank Goodness,” I tell myself.

“I Understand Lucy Is A Wonderfully Nice Lady,” She tells me this with a forgiving attitude that suggests she may regret leaving with the exquisite baroness in the future. It’s possible but unlikely.

A lot of women fell in love with Robin because of his charisma and good looks.” At least he always tells them the truth and doesn’t pretend to have feelings that he doesn’t. With her eyes wide open, she’ll have gone into it.

Helene received a smaller settlement from her divorce in France than she would have received in the UK, but she claims she doesn’t mind.

While hunting with the Heythrop yesterday, Smith-Ryland came over and said, “It’s all okay. “I didn’t steal Lucy away from James. For the last two years, she has been separated from him. We met nine months ago.

Will Young, a gay music artist, has fallen out with his alma mater, Wellington College, which charges £23,000 per year. New Zealand has an issue with having an older man who is openly gay, and the singer tells Tatler magazine. My name was not prominently featured in the newsletters after I came out.”

However, he wrote back and offered to do some seminars for them instead since he was “swamped.”

That’s why we’ve sent you a letter asking if you can raise this amount of money or organize an event to submit it for us. Meanwhile, I got a second email, this one pleading for financial assistance.

“That school,” I thought to myself, “was so harsh and unpleasant.” This means I can no longer aid them, which would be a huge disappointment.”

Dr. Anthony Seldon, Tony Blair’s biographer, is the next head of Wellington. When asked if he was proud of Will, he said, “I’m as proud of him as any student at this school has ever been.” I can’t wait to get my hands on his autograph for my children as a parent. An enigma of a star Joan

Joan Collins seems to have missed out on Ben Fogle’s heroic attempt to row naked across the Ocean with Olympic gold medalist James Cracknell.

On Bbc 4’s Midweek broadcast yesterday, it was clear that the ageless actor had never heard of the castaway hottie. After being told by Libby Purves, the presenter of the interlocks transatlantic race, that Ben is “a TV superstar who soaked up all the publicity,” Collins inquired, “Television star of what?”

“Well, Of Some Programs…” Blustered Miss Purves. “I Have Forgotten What They Were. He Was Rowing It Naked.”

“Why?” Collins kept going. This is “Show Business,” says Purves.

Laughing, the former Dynasty actress, who is about to go on a solo British tour, said, “It does not show business.” “That’s what’s known as fame,” he said.

What happened before Amber was given the all-clear to have a party?

When his wealthy girlfriend Amber managed to get fiery chef Thomas Aikens out of the kitchen of his pricey Michelin-starred restaurant, it was a near-impossible accomplishment.

Nuttall urged him to take the night off work to celebrate his 36th birthday.

A romantic date night was organized by Amber Nuttall, the Transactions daughter of the baronet Sir Nicholas Nuttall.

Their festivities at the luxurious Blakes Hotel in West London started with a glass from Ruinart Pink champagne. During the party, ex-husband Laura’s ex-husband Tom extinguished a flame on one cake topper.

A chef’s hat-shaped cake was made for him by actress and baker Jane Asher.

Hakkasan, a rival restaurant in Soho, had secretly prepared a £65-per-head supper for 12 of Matt’s closest friends, where they competed over City’s most costly dim sum.

Eleven years ago, she left Hollywood to marry a prominent Irish family. Now that Alison Doody’s marriage to Gavin O’Reilly has come to an end, the erstwhile Bond girl is ready to relaunch her acting and film career.

She has made it no secret of her ambition to pursue parts other than femme Fatales in films like Such a View To A Kill or James Bond And The Last Crusade.

In response to my inquiry regarding her job as a Spiritual Healer, she states, “I’ve had enough of being the focus of attention.

Despite this, Alison’s prior roles seem to have a hold on her. For nine years, the mother-of-two was married Gavin O’Reilly, the former Ireland rugby player, and Heinz CEO Sir Tony O’Reilly.

There was an exciting tale regarding Michael Jackson’s effort to send back an Oscar trophy broken in the mail.