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Who Was Carly Mersola?


She has spent so much money to appear like a real Barbie doll.

Mercola’s hair is a dark brown, and her skin is bronzed. Tans, lip fillers, hair extensions, even bleaching her hair have cost her a fortune.

To fulfill her ambition, a lady who has spent a significant amount of money transforming herself into a human Barbie has stated that she will do whatever it takes.

Carly Mersola’s hair is naturally dark brown, and she has a sliver of sun on her face.

During her early twenties, she spent a great deal of money upon tanning, lip injections, and hair extensions. Then she bleached and colored it as well.

Her 36F breasts are already impressive, but she wishes to make them even more so.

That’s what he said: “I’d want to seem as faked as possible.” “Being A Real Doll and Also being Happy Is All There Is.”

“I like receiving compliments from people that think I’m attractive,” I say.

Carly decided to undergo a makeover at the start of the year. She figured that she needed to boost her self-esteem and confidence in her appearance. Carly Mersola’s life began to shift when she was sixteen years old.

According to the woman, “I thought, ‘everyone deserves to be happy and understood that my happiness would entail being blonde, having huge boobs, and appearing like a plastic doll.'” As a young woman with dark brown hair, I was self-conscious about my appearance and dressed all black almost daily.

A drummer, 45-year-old Chris Delisa, has been Carly’s boyfriend since August 2015. This is what he wanted for his girlfriend.

Even though Carly, a Los Angeles resident, had her hair bleached bright blonde in February.

He didn’t appreciate how plastic I appeared, but he recognized that altering my looks made me happy.” Barbie-like females on Instagram and the internet would inspire me to think, “That’s what I’d like to look like.”

I colored my hair to make a big statement. I had a new sense of self-confidence.

Every six months, Carly has had £6,400 worth of 26-inch hair extensions applied to her hair, as well as lip injections to enhance her pout.

It costs £1,900 per six months.

Big lips make me feel more confident and cheerful, which is one of the most remarkable things. I used to be depressed over my tiny lips. “My lips are now fuller.” That’s what she said.

To bring her 32-inch waist down to a more manageable 28 inches, she works out five days a week at the gym.

She created a paper-mache Barbie that resembled her.

: She found out her breast measurement was 39 inches, and her height was 5’9″. An 18-inch waistline, 33-inch hips, and a size multiple shoes, would make her a size 12.

She’d be an anorexic if she met the weight criteria; therefore, she’d be unable to menstruate and be forced to walk on all fours due to the form of her body. Carly said that being so little would make it hard to appear like Barbie since it’s terrible for your health.

When I wear heels, it seems like my legs are longer, giving me the appearance of an hourglass body. I like to stand out in terms of my arrival.

There is one thing Carly, who works as a bartender and as an end-up making artist, wants: “I would want to grow my boobs to 36G.”

In addition to a Brazilian buttock lift with Botox to removing wrinkles on my forehead and fake boobs, it would be wonderful if I could also undergo a Brazilian breast lift.

Carly’s transformation into a doll has drawn a lot of attention.: “I like being the center of attention.” “I’m not scared because I believe I’m attractive. ” But I won’t go overboard. I have a plan in place. However, I want to put in a lot of effort to get the appearance I desire.

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