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Who Was Lucas Belmonte?


Over a credit card debt, Lucas Belmonte, a British national, was detained in Dubai.

An advocacy group claims that a 22-year-old British person was sentenced and a year in Sharjah for using a friend’s credit card to pay for a hotel.

He is being helped by Taken into custody in Dubai who reported that Lucas Belmonte signed a confession is Arabic under duress. Lucas Belmonte is from Gravesend, Kent.

A complaint of having sex before marriage was leveled against Lucas Belmonte & his pregnant girlfriend, according to CEO Radha Stirling.

An Appealing Is Being Drafted.

Accused of fraud during a New Year’s vacation with pals in Dubai, Mr. Belmonte was detained.

A buddy had given him the business credit card that he was using in Dubai, he said.

Mr. Stirling said that he was detained in his hotel room because the card used had been fraudulently used.

Because of his perplexity, his mother simply paid the disputed sum on behalf of her son.

Those detained in Dubai Estimate The Stolen Funds To Be Around $14,000 in total.

‘a Little Mercy,’

Because he didn’t have an adequate defense, he couldn’t give his side of the story.

According to the circumstances, A One-Year Sentence Is Quite Excessive.

In light of his prompt payment of the debt, “we would have expected some sympathy and his release because of that.”

It was reported that the group being held in Dubai was putting together an appeal.

In January, a British national was detained in Dubai. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office is still assisting him and keeping in touch with officials in Dubai and his family in the United Kingdom.

While on vacation with his girlfriend Summer, Lucas Belmonte, 22, claimed that police broke into his hotel room and confined him. After acquiring the credit card from a friend who claimed it was a company credit card, Lucas stated that it was his own money.

After spending New Year’s Eve at the five-star Jumeirah Beach Hotel, he and his girlfriend were arrested on December 30 and transferred to a police station.

He said he was handed an erroneous translation of a police statement to sign during the commotion by Detained in Dubai. This organization assists foreign nationals with legal concerns in the United Arab Emirates.

He says he signed a confession admitting to using the card by mistake and was sentenced to prison and fined £20,000 as a result.

I knew it was a phony card since I had purchased one in the United Kingdom for use in Dubai and knew it was unlawful,” stated Detained in Dubai.

Summer was able to return to Essex when she was liberated.

While Belmonte believes his friend “set him up,” he and his girlfriend end up spending the night in a police cell.

“My Son Was The Victim Of A Fraud By Someone He Thought Was A Friend,” his mother, Louise, said in a statement.”Dubai Police abused my son and coerced him into producing a fictitious confession.

“When We Realized That The Card Was Fraudulent, We Paid The Full Amount Of The Charge On The Card. This Has Devolved Into The Worst Nightmare Imaginable.”

We’re all worried sick about Lucas’s well-being. Everyone who has helped us and Lucas is greatly appreciated.’

According to a spokesperson for Detained in Dubai, “When Lucas Returns To The Hotel After A Few Days Of Vacation, Hotel Workers Tell Him That The Authorization Code Has Failed. The Hotel Employees Rushed Into The Room Before He Realized What Was Going On,” Lucas explains. With their hands tied behind their backs.

Astonishment washed over him when the men revealed their true identities as members of the Dubai CID.

“I just want Luke to come home,” his mother, Louise, told the Daily Mail. He is a child, terrified, and in a foreign nation, he has never been to before. If the country’s king pardons him, he can return home.”

It’s well-known that most individuals working or vacationing in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates don’t speak Arabic. Still, the police continue to force and intimidate people into signing this paperwork, even though this is a well-known truth. He intends to take his case to a higher court.

A man with prostate cancer who was imprisoned in a Dubai prison “knew he was going to die” and declared he would never leave the United Kingdom again was profiled earlier this year.

A 61-year-old maritime security officer, Perry Coppins, was held in solitary confinement without access to his medication for five weeks.