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Who Was Michael Lodl ?


A candlelight memorial was organized in Lodl’s honor at Newhall Park a few days after his death. More than 200 individuals attended the memorial service for Lodl’s family and friends, and their remarks were as poignant as their numbers. Anyone who visited could readily observe how Michael Lodl had a profoundly good effect on the lives of many of its participants.

There will never be another Lodl in the Tribe like him. He was a goalkeeper for the boys’ soccer squad, which he played on for most of the season—junior Varsity during his freshman year, and then Varsity for his second year of high school.

Lodl’s involvement in sports at Hart did not end with soccer; he was also a member of the ninth-grade boys’ tennis team. As a lifelong sports fan, Lodl’s dedication to the sport and passion for the game was evident to his teammates. At the vigil, people who knew Lodl said that his innate brilliance and learned expertise made him an integral part of their team.

Lodl was likewise an exceptional student from an early age. At school, he was awarded multiple academic honors, was put in advanced groups and classes, and competed in math competitions.

Upon arriving at Hart, Lodl continued to excel, taking up AP classes and displaying an interest in math and physics. Lodl’s academic prowess and hard effort helped him be a successful high school student, just like his athletic aptitude.

Michael “Mehow” Lodl’s positive influence on his interests, education, and relationships will live on in the hearts and minds of everyone who knew him.

Michael Lodl’s life and memory are celebrated here.

Michael died unexpectedly at the age of 17 on July 7, 2020. The loss felt by those who knew and loved him is beyond words. A genuine buddy, Michael was both compassionate and amusing. At Hart High School, he was an excellent athlete and student. More than anything else, Michael was loved by everyone he came into contact with. There isn’t another family like mine. He will be sorely missed by all who knew and loved him.

His family has permitted this campaign to be put up to help them with the unforeseen expenses they are facing at this difficult time. Please consider making a gift.

In remembrance of Michael, we appreciate your love and support.

Pedestrian Killed on the 405 Freeway near Victory Boulevard in Van Nuys Has Been Identified as Michael Lod

On Tuesday, Van Nuys Calif – July 20, 2020, Victim Michael Lodl, 17, was identified by the La County Coronial Examiner’s Office after he was hit and murdered in Van Nuys, California.

Interstate 405 Freeway near Victory Boulevard was the scene of the tragic pedestrian collision.

During an effort to cross the middle lanes of the freeway by himself, he was hit by a passing car. According to the officials, his vehicle was parked on the side of the road when it was struck by the car.

According to eyewitnesses, there was substantial debate among witnesses as to whether Lodl intentionally crossed into oncoming traffic before being hit by the mysterious car.

In-Vehicle Nuys, a 17-year-old boy, named Michael Lodl was killed after being hit by a van.

Michal Lodl was killed as a result of the accident.

More details regarding this accident will be available when the police have completed their investigation into what happened.

During this terrible time, our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Lodl’s family and friends, who are in our thoughts and prayers.