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Zoom For Roku TV: Is Zoom A Roku-Compatible App?


On the downside, there is no Zoom cloud meeting app for the Roku Channel Store. Fortunately, zoom on roku tv is possible using the casting feature of your Windows or Android device. You may be wondering how to accomplish this goal. To begin, turn on screen mirroring on Roku, and then use your Android or Windows device to cast Zoom classes or meetings to Roku.

Roku Screen Mirroring: How Do I Make It Work?

As a first step, you must enable screen mirroring on your Roku to use Zoom. To accomplish this, you’ll need to attach Roku to your TV. The “Settings” option can be found at the top of the screen.

You’ll be presented with the “Screen mirroring (beta)” option after clicking on it. Enabling and disabling are both available after you click on them. Click on “Enable screen mirroring.” Roku screen mirroring will be possible with this add-on.

To Stream Zoom Courses And Meetings On Roku, Use Zoom For Roku

The first step in using Roku screen mirroring is to enable the feature on your Roku device. You’ll need to cast your Zoom classes or meetings to Roku in the next step. If you have an Android phone or tablet, you can throw it from there.

However, the casting process in both operating systems is unique. In this section, we’ll show you how to enable Zoom for Roku using both methods. Before we get into Android casting, let’s go over the Windows casting process first.

Windows computers and Roku devices must be connected to the same network toin order to cast Zoom meetings or classes. To use the casting feature, Windows 10 is required. Then, press the Windows and P keys at the same time, and you’re done. To connect to a wireless display, select “Connect to a wireless display.” In the new window that pops up, click on it.

Connect to a wireless display can be found on the new screen. Immediately after clicking on it, the computer will search for other wireless devices on the same network. After locating your Roku, you must permit it to mirror your computer’s screen to the TV.

To conduct or participate in a Zoom meeting, you must open the Zoom website or Zoom desktop app. Join a discussion that you’ve been invited to by logging into your Zoom account first. Invite your employees or coworkers to join the meeting by creating a “New Meeting” from your account and casting it on the Roku screen. It’s as simple as throwing a Zoom meeting or class from your Windows device.

Using Android, You Can Cast Zoom Meetings

Using Android devices, you can enable Zoom for Roku. In this section, we’ll explain how. To connect your Roku and Android devices, the first step is to make sure they’re both on the same network. On your Android device, go to “Settings” and look for “Bluetooth and device connection.” You’ll find the option to cast your vote in this section.

The “cast” term and its location may vary depending on your phone’s manufacturer and UI (user interface), but youin will have this option f you have an Android phone. It’s also necessary to select your Roku device after clicking on the “Cast” menu option. Then, you must give your Roku TV permission to mirror your Android device’s screen.

Open the Zoom app on your Android phone after that. When joining a meeting, you have two options: either accept the invitation or create your own and invite others. When you begin a session, it will appear on the Roku-enabled television.


Zoom is one of the best business-grade communication apps available on the market today. This can be used for online classes and meetings. Roku is one of the most popular streaming devices, and it includes a screen mirroring feature as standard.

With this feature, you can use your Roku-connected TV as a remote control for your Windows or Android device. Here, you can learn how to use Zoom for Roku to participate in online classes and virtual meetings via your television.

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