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White Label SEO: Everything You Need to Know About SEO Reseller Services


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been around for years and, quite frankly, has evolved into one of the most effective digital channels. It has allowed many businesses to tap into growing and established markets to boost their bottom line. A recently provided web20 ranker feedback proved this, especially as the business owner could significantly scale their business through SEO services.

The importance of SEO has grown in leaps, with 68% of B2B marketers saying it is their best-performing channel. There’s little wonder why white label SEO services are on the increase. But what is white label SEO and why consider it?

What Is White Label SEO?

White label SEO is a service that allows freelancers or agencies to outsource clients’ SEO tasks without actually doing the job. For this to work, there has to be an agency or freelancer, a client or customer, and a white label SEO service provider.

The agency or client takes the SEO task from their client and outsources it to the white label SEO provider. The reseller, in turn, gets the job done and sends an unbranded report to the agency. The agency can then claim to have done the work.

White label SEO services have helped many agencies delve into SEO services they do not offer. It has also allowed others to maintain a lean in-house team while outsourcing tasks to SEO resellers.

What are the Benefits of White Label SEO Services?

White label SEO services have expanded over the years, giving more agencies and freelancers a chance to leverage more and deliver better results. More freelancers and agency owners are looking to outsource their SEO packages to enjoy these benefits.

Provide Services Without Expanding In-House Team

One of the biggest advantages of white label SEO services is that it allows agencies and freelancers to provide services outside of their scope. With this solution, more businesses can create additional products and offers without worrying about recruitment costs or the cost to service an expanded in-house team.

Essentially, white label SEO reseller services allow agencies and freelancers to expand their product offering without necessarily expanding their in-house team.

Reduced Overhead Costs

The traditional business running method required agency owners and freelancers to do all the work and deliver results to their clients. Doing the work may sometimes mean bringing in an expert or expanding the team to deliver to the deadline. However, white label SEO reseller services address this by providing a cost-effective way to reduce overhead costs and get the job done.

Agencies and freelancers can now save money on new tools, new processes, recruitment, team management, etc., by outsourcing their client’s needs to the right SEO reseller. Find out social media management tools

Wider Profit Margin

An excellent use case for white label SEO service is the profit margin it gives agencies and freelancers. With the service often priced lower to encourage bulk purchases, agencies and freelancers can profit more from the difference between the SEO reseller pricing and their actual pricing – all of these without doing the job.

How to Choose Your White Label SEO Reseller

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Choosing the right white label SEO partner is key to delivering value and profiting off it. Similar to any other contractor hiring process, you must be detailed with the evaluation process. Here are some suggested factors to consider.

Team and Expertise

Your white label SEO partner must have the team and expertise to handle your client’s workload and deliver desired results. The labor and expertise are core reasons you’re outsourcing in the first place, so those two important factors should be addressed from the get-go.

Having a reliable white label partner with the right team, reputation, and expertise improves the chances of keeping your clients happy with timelines and results. It also reduces the chances of disappointment.

Flexible Packages and Delivery Model

Your white label SEO partner should have flexible packages that allow you to choose what you want for your client. This is important, especially when you’re working with clients on a strict budget. Being able to prioritize certain services, deliver results, and show proof to the client may be enough to increase their budget.

In addition, the white label SEO partner should also have a flexible delivery model. This will allow you to deliver reporting to clients at agreed-upon intervals while keeping them happy.

Flexible Packages and Excellent Communication

The importance of flexible product packages cannot be overstressed. Your white label SEO partner should offer short-term contracts, preferably on a monthly rolling basis. This ensures that your business isn’t incurring additional losses should a client halt their service needs.

You should also look for excellent communication as this could make all the difference. Your white label SEO partner should keep you updated on changes that can affect the timeline and should be ready to work with you to resolve issues that could affect your business and your clients.

Paying attention to the factors above can help you pick out the best white label SEO partner to outsource to. Don’t forget to read reviews and testimonials from third-party websites to get a good understanding of what other customers are saying.

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