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Beautiful Speech: How to Expand Your Vocabulary?


The word has incredible power. With a word you can lift a person to heaven, and with a word you can plunge him into the abyss. The great leaders of all times have always been distinguished by the qualities of strong speakers. Their speech inspired millions of people, and changed history, the passage of time, and a series of events. 

And even if most of us do not aspire to the heights of Olympus and do not crave universal fame and recognition, however, it would be useful for anyone to work on their speech. But it’s easy to feel at the top of Olympus while enjoying gambling online.

Beautiful Speech

Beautiful speech characterizes a person as educated, intelligent, interesting, and attractive. The ability to articulate your thoughts clearly and easily makes it easier to achieve mutual understanding, and this is so important in interpersonal relationships at any level, both in the family and in the business environment.


A rich vocabulary, a wide vocabulary is like an artist’s palette: the richer and more diverse it is, the more opportunities there are to convey all the subtleties of the plot. So with words, the more diverse our language is, the more pleasant and interesting our speech is, the better our self-esteem, and the higher our intelligence.


Let’s learn about simple ways to enrich your vocabulary and work on your speech.


Reading is a great source of new words for our vocabulary.

Reading books in general is difficult to overestimate because it helps to train the brain. It is proved that elderly people who practice daily reading are distinguished by more active brain activity compared to peers who do not have this habit. According to scientists, reading is an excellent prevention of senile dementia.

However, reading is different from reading. It is important to give preference, not to low-grade literature, but to choose a complex repertoire and generally read books that at first glance are difficult to perceive.

It is a thoughtful familiarization with the content of the text, and not a superficial glance through the pages in a hurry, that brings its results.

There is another secret to enriching vocabulary – this is reading aloud. Firstly, reading aloud trains our diction and helps to work with intonation. Secondly, if there are incomprehensible words in the text, we cannot skip them, as if we were reading to ourselves. Reading aloud, we are forced to stop at an unfamiliar word and find out its meaning and the pronunciation rule.

By Heart

In addition to retelling, it is also important to learn the text by heart. It can be either poetry or prose. Not only do we train our memory at the same time, but we also structure the information in our heads.

Memorizing also triggers the process of analyzing new information, expands the boundaries of thinking, and even trains the sense of rhythm when it comes to poetry.

Memory training is accompanied by the construction of new neural connections in the brain, which keeps it in a healthy state.


Our language is constantly being transformed, and new words and terms are constantly appearing in it, reflecting socio-economic, cultural, technological, and other changes taking place in society.

The habit of searching for descriptions of new unfamiliar words and the practice of introducing them into your lexicon helps to keep your speech relevant, emphasizing progressive views and receptivity to innovations.

However, working with a dictionary is useful not only for tracking the latest language trends. It is worth looking for little-used, but still not forgotten words in it to enrich your speech with them, standing out from the rest. To learn about Nkb1000 not showing in config tool click here


Of course, listening to audiobooks is inferior in its effect on independent reading. However, it also broadens our horizons and enriches our vocabulary.

We can combine listening to books with other activities, such as walking in the fresh air or cooking.

At the same time, we not only develop our imagination but also train our concentration by memorizing the names of the characters or listening to the meaning of their phrases. In this way, models of harmoniously constructed sentences are preserved in the head and new words are deposited.

Social Circle

Having a wide circle of friends, a person enriches himself through communication. People exchange knowledge, experience, and interests, expanding each other’s horizons. Communication also affects our vocabulary, exchanging phrases and original comparisons, we involuntarily adopt them from each other.

That is why it is so important to be attentive to the circle of your communication, trying to choose erudite and competent interlocutors.