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Dahua Nkb1000 Not Showing In Config Tool


Working on your CCTV system can sometimes be frustrating and an old-school manual process. If you have difficulty setting up the Dahua Nkb1000 camera, you may have to do some digging.

Dahua Nkb1000 is an amazing device for your home security needs. It offers features like noise-canceling microphones, high-quality audio, 1080p high-definition video, and much more! However, most device users cannot configure it without a professional CCTV dealer or engineer’s help.

What is the Dahua Nkb1000?

The Dahua Nkb1000 is a security camera designed to be used in indoor and outdoor settings. This camera can be used for both residential and commercial applications. The Dahua Nkb1000 has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for security applications.

One of the most important features of the Dahua Nkb1000 is its ability to produce high-quality images. This camera also has a number of other features that make it an excellent choice for use in security applications, including its ability to detect motion, its ability to connect to multiple devices, and its support cloud storage.

What does it do?

The Dahua Nkb camera is a new security camera model that is not appearing in the Dahua Configuration Tool. This could be because the camera has been discontinued or because it is a new model that does not yet have a release date. If you are using the Configuration Tool to manage your Dahua cameras, you may not be able to see the Nkb camera.

How to get this camera up and running?

Dahua Nkb1000

You will need to connect your camera to your computer to get started.
1. Download and install the Dahua Nkb configuration tool.
2. Open the configuration tool and click on the “Add Device” button.
3. Select your Dahua Nkb camera from the list and click on the “Next” button.
4. On the next screen, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your camera.
5. Click on the “Next” button again and you’ll be presented with the main configuration screen for your camera.
6. You can configure a few settings here, such as brightness, motion detection zones, and more.
7. When you’re finished configuring settings, click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen and your changes will be saved automatically!

Configuring the Camera

You can use Dahua Nkb, the camera’s configuration tool will not show it. You can access the configuration tool by going to http://ipcamera. DahuaIP/tool/. Learn about SSD web hosting

To configure the camera, first ensure you have downloaded and installed the Dahua Nkb software. After you have installed the software, open it and click on the ‘Camera’ tab. You will see a list of all your cameras in this tab.

Select your camera from this list and then click on the ‘Configuration’ button. In this window, you can configure many settings for your camera. Some of the settings that you can configure in this window are:

The resolution of the image captured by your camera.
The type of sensor that is used in your camera.
How long will your camera stay active after an event has been triggered?


If you’re experiencing issues with your Dahua Nkb1000 network security camera not showing up in the Config Tool, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot the issue. First, ensure that the camera is connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network and turned on.

Next, open the Config Tool and click on the “Diagnostics” tab. Under “Hardware,” make sure that the “Nkb1000” device is listed and that its status is set to “OK.” If both steps fail to resolve the issue, you may need to contact Dahua customer support for assistance.

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