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How To Remove Hair Without Waxing 

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Are you someone who hates waxing like me? Well, waxing is a painful procedure of getting rid of unwanted hair. It can end up in being quite costly as well if you opt for a full-body wax. However, you do my hand to rely on just waxing to get rid of your body hair. There are lots of hair removal methods out there that are as good as waxing. Scroll down and have a look!


If you’re someone who doesn’t like waxing their body because of the pain it causes, waxing is your next best option. Shaving is one of the cheapest and most easily available methods of getting rid of your body hair. You do not have to go to the salon to get it done either since it can easily be done while you are in the shower. Moreover, the method doesn’t take that long either. It is best for waxing your legs, underarms, and bikini line. However, only opt for this if you do not have sensitive skin. With shaving, cuts are normal however, if you go for a women’s razor, then yoked likely to stay safe from them. Also, make sure to shave using a shaving gel or cream. This can protect you from any sorts of damages and eases the shaving process.


Another way of getting rid of unwanted hair is through hair removal creams. These chemicals do contain chemicals, so refrain from using them on sensitive areas. These creams also come with a bad odor since they contain different chemicals. Moreover, this method is best suited for legs, bikini area, arms, and understand. Make sure to go for a cream that’s well suited for your skin type. If you have a sensitive skin, you need to opt for a sensitive skin type cream; otherwise, they can cause irritation.


Laser is another hair removal treatment other than waxing. Now we’ve all heard about last, haven’t we? It’s a non-painful method and is a permanent method of getting rid of body hair. This method involves burning the hair follicle of an area with light. This method usually ends up reducing the amount of hair grown, instead of completely getting rid of it. Moreover, it is claimed that it works best on darker and thicker hair. This is due to the fact that the laser is basically set in order to damage pigment cells.


Electrolysis is not the same as laser, in this method. A meddle is used in order to deliver a blast of an electric current into the hair follicle. This ends up permanently removing an area’s hair growth after a couple of sessions. The thing with electrolysis is that it actually works for all hair types and skins. This procedure is performed by a professional and is actually quite cheap compared to laser hair removal. The process does take longer and will require a couple of sessions; however, it’s completely worth it. It’s best for small areas.


Epilators are another great way of getting rid of hair other than waxing. This is a small device that involves batteries. It makes sure to destroy the hair from the root, just like waxing. However, it is a lot less painful compared to waxing. You can find good epilators from the market and easily remove your body hair.

Here were a couple of hair removal tips other than waxing. All the methods mentioned are extremely effective and are reliable as well. Try them out, and you won’t have to rely on waxing anymore!

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