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Jose Trinidad Marin Biography, Family, Age, Career, And More


Who is josé trinidad marín?

Trino Marín also met josé trinidad marín. He is the main spouse of the amazing American artist Jenny Rivera. He was born on February 15, 1964 in California, United States. Trino Marin is also known by his real name. José comes from a Christian family and heritage as well.

Information about the personal life of josé trinidad marín

Jose has a place from Mexico and also has a Mexican American ID. People from Trinidad live in Mexico and after a while he emigrated to the United States forever.

Relationship of josé trinidad marín

Before marrying Jenni Rivera, Jose Trinidad was an individual unknown to the general population. Jenni Rivera is a celebrity on the planet in light of her songwriting, acting and singing skills. josé trinidad marín and Jenni Rivera are in a relationship and also keep their lives secret. Before getting married, Trino Marín worked as a manager at a Mexican-American bistro.

The Height and Weight of josé trinidad marín

Currently, Jose Trinidad is 27 years old and his height is 5 feet 10 inches and he also saw the former partner of the superstar. He also maintains a royal appearance and weighs 67 kg.

Profile of josé trinidad marín

Full Name josé trinidad marín (also known as Trin Marin)
Birthday 15th February 1964
Place of Birth United States
The Nationality is American Mexican
Relationship Status Divorced
Married  Jenni Rivera (real name Dolores Saavedra)
The Profession is Retired Administrator Manager at American-Mexico restaurant
Wife Jenni Rivera (1984-1992)
Having Children Jacqie Campos, Chiquis Rivera, Michael Marin.
The Height is 5 feet 10 inches

Marriage of josé trinidad marín

In 20 Trinidad Marin goes crazy for Jenni Rivera, 15 years old. Jose Marine proposed to Jenny a few months later, in 1984. At 17, Jenny quickly became pregnant with Jose Marín’s most memorable child.

The children of josé trinidad marín

Jenny gives birth to her most memorable child when she was still in high school. Jose Marin and Jenny have three children. Their marriage ended in 1992, because of Jose, the abused children, Jenny and her sister.

After a while, a lot of information is revealed about josé trinidad marín, who has resumed his existence with another couple in the riverside country.

Career and work life of josé trinidad marín

When Jenny and Jose started seeing each other, josé trinidad maríns was unemployed. Marín also held various positions, at the age of 22, José was appointed manager of an American restaurant. Then, at that time, José Marín began to acquire acquisitions and also to receive a good payment.

The income of josé trinidad marín

josé trinidad marín has a net worth of 600,000-800,000 USD.

Family of josé trinidad marín

Jenni Rivera and Josh Marin have three children. Jenni gave quick work during high school. The two boyfriends became parents or guardians on June 26, 1985. Jenni’s first child was a young woman and her relatives named her Chiquis Rivera. After a couple of months, the couple unveiled her second child, Jacqueline, who was born on November 20, 1989. In September 1991, Jenni announced her third pregnancy.

Three children of josé trinidad marín

The three descendants of josé trinidad marín advance in their lives in different fields. Chiquis is the more established young woman, following in the ways of her mother and becoming a singer. The other two young men became animators for Mexican and English films and television series.

The divorce of josé trinidad marín took place in 1992

Jenni finally decides to end this relationship and prepare for a while. In 1990, she chose to divorce, the last divorce ended in 1992. She was placed in the custody of the three children.

Their daughter and sister-in-law were mistreated by josé trinidad marín

Trinidad Marín has attacked her children (Jacqie and Chiquis) and also her sister by marriage. Jenni Rivera has a long and productive career, but of course, there are many problems in her own life. This current situation conveys a surrendered other to himself and to Jenni Rivera, who is facing ongoing mental and real abuse. Trino Marin not only abused Jenni Rivera, he also abused her two little girls and her sister.

Trial of Trino Marin

josé trinidad marín feels remorse for six and eight misdemeanors of rape and assault in 2007. Trino Marín physically assaulted the minor Chiquis Rivera when she was between 8 and 12 years old. For this behavior, Trino Marin remains in prison.

José trinidad marín‘s important facts

  • Jose Marin is also known by his epithet Trino Marin.
  • He was brought into the world in 1964 and is currently 57 years old.
  • He gives thanks for his birthday on February 15
  • Sweet marine juice Jenni Rivera was a renowned lyricist and singer.
  • Juice and Jenny were married in 1984 and both leaked addresses in 1992.
  • Jose has guardians that are not yet clear to the world. Trino has a brother, but has not yet revealed the name of his brother.
  • Rivera and Jose have three children, a boy and two girls.
  • Josh Marine married Jenny in 1992 to explain the abuse.

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FAQs About josé trinidad marín

Q.1: What is the epithet of josé trinidad marín?
Trino Marin.

Q.2: What is the time of josé trinidad marín?
he. Now he himself is 56 years old.

Q.3: When Trinidad Marin celebrates her birthday
he celebrates his birthday on February 15.

Q.4: Name of the spouse of Trinidad Marín?
Jenny Rivera.

Q.5: When did Jenni Rivera and Jenny Rivera get caught?
In 1984, they were caught.

Q.6: What is the justification for your separation?
Jose Trinidad was charged with rape and assault.

Q.7: How many young people does Jose Trinidad have?
Jose Trinidad has three children (two young women and a boy).

Q.8: What is the name of Jose Trinidad’s oldest girl?
Chiquis Rivera.

Q.9: What is the name of Jose Trinidad’s youngest girl?
Jacqie Campos.

Q.10: What is the name of Jose Trinidad’s son?
Michael Marin.

Q.11: Why is José in prison?
Jose was convicted of rape and assault.

Q: Who are the people in question?
Two little girls and Trino Marini’s sister.

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