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Who is Marcus Glenn Richardson Complete Biography and Details?


You can find out about Marcus Richardson’s personal life by reading the complete biography about him. He is the son of former US Navy Colonel Russell Richardson and his wife Abby Phillip. Marcus Glenn has an older sister, Stacie, and a younger sister, Jasmine. He was born in Mississippi and has lived in Georgia, Florida, and New Jersey. He got married to Abby Philip in 2018. Marcus Glenn is a CNN anchor and a former model. Marcus has a baby girl named Naomi Angelina Richardson.

DOB And Details:

Richardson was born in March 1983 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. He is the son of a retired colonel of the US Navy. He spent most of his childhood abroad due to his father’s job. When he reached his adolescence, he returned to the US with his parents. He is an African-American who holds an American nationality. His father is also an entrepreneur and has several business ventures.

After studying in the US, Marcus travelled to Japan to play basketball with local youth. Marcus Glenn later returned to the United States to pursue his undergraduate degree in international affairs. He is a graduate of Harvard University and has studied international affairs and international law. He worked as a desktop analyst for Howard University from 2009 to 2012, and as a technical support analyst for LivingSocial since 2012. In addition to his work as a lawyer, he has been a businessman, and is now an entrepreneur.

Family Life:

Abby Phillip is Richardson’s wife. She is an American journalist. Marcus joined CNN in 2017 and has covered the Trump Administration for the news network. She earns a salary between six and eighty-five thousand dollars. Marcus Glenn works for nVisium, a software security company. Despite his enormous wealth, Richardson remains modest and adamant about maintaining a low-key lifestyle.

Marcus Richardson’s height and weight are unknown, but he stands at a moderate height. His weight is slightly above average, but his exact measurements are not available online. He is a military veteran and has a daughter. He is a college student who earned his bachelor’s degree at Florida State University. In addition to pursuing his education, he has worked as a tech support analyst for several companies.

Abby Richardson and Marcus were first introduced at a party. The party was thrown by Martha Stewart Weddings. She didn’t know many people at the party. During the party, he accidentally interrupted her conversation. The two began dating a week later. They are expecting their first child together. A little bit of research on their relationship will help you find out more about their family. You can learn about their love life, and their history.

Marital Status:

After his marriage, Marcus Richardson married Abby Philip in 2007. The couple has a son. The couple has two daughters. They have a successful career and are married to a CNN reporter. While the couple did not have children, their marriage made it possible for them to continue working together. At the time, the couple is still living in Miami. Their children are still living in the same home.

Educational Background:

After completing his education, Marcus Richardson moved to Japan where he studied for three years. He later graduated from Florida State University in 2009 and then went on to study at Harvard University. His bio contains a lot of important details about his life. Besides being a successful professional, he is also married to an American journalist. They live in Washington, D.C. and have two children.

Despite his busy schedule, Marcus Richardson has not had any problems with his personal life. He started dating Abby Phillip in 2011 after meeting at a party with a mutual friend. In 2016, the couple started dating, and they were engaged for a year. The couple was married in May 2018, in front of family and close friends. Moreover, the two are very happy with their relationship. They have a son named Alexander.

If you are interested to know who Marcus Richardson is, you have come to the right place. We have put together the complete biography of the famous American footballer. In this article, we’ll cover his childhood, education, and personal life. He was born on March 9, 1983, in New Orleans. His parents are Russell G. and Toussaint Richardson. His father is a retired colonel of the US Navy, and his mother is an American journalist.

After leaving the US Navy, Marcus Richardson pursued his education abroad. He played basketball at the Kadena Youth Centre in the United Kingdom, and then moved to Florida State University. He later graduated with a degree in international affairs and is currently enrolled at Harvard University. His early life is a whirlwind of adventure, but his professional life is even more exciting. And he has more to come!


Before entering the entertainment industry, Richardson began his career as a desktop analyst at Howard University. He then moved on to work as a senior application security consultant at LivingSocial. His most recent position was as a managing consultant for nVisium. By the end of his career, he was a highly respected member of the industry, having won multiple awards and honors. He also has a daughter, Naomi Angelina Richardson, who is due to arrive in August 2021.

In addition to his professional life, Marcus Richardson is also a father and a husband. His wife, Abby Phillip, is an American journalist. She was born on 25 November 1988, and joined CNN in 2017 to cover the Trump Administration. The couple married in May 2018. There are no known children at this time. However, they have been together for over five years, and are now planning a wedding.

Marcus Richardson is an American football player and businessman. He is married to the actress Abby Phillip. His full name is Marcus Glenn Richardson and he was born in Germany. His father is a retired Colonel in the US Navy and his mother is a former member of the armed forces. They lived in various parts of the world, including Germany. Their father served during the Gulf War, and the military stationed in Germany was the first place the family stayed.

He met his wife at a party. In 2009, Marcus was a desktop analyst at Howard University. In 2011, he met Abby Phillip, his future wife. They got engaged on Christmas Eve, and their marriage was declared a week later. In 2013, they had their first child, and were engaged a year after. Their relationship flourished for almost three years. And the couple has two children together.