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The Net Worth of Daniel Toce in 2021


If you’re a fan of Daniel Toce’s music and have been wishing to see his latest work, you might be surprised to find out that he’s married three times already. After all, he was a serial killer before becoming a reality TV star, and his first marriage ended in divorce. But he’s far from being single, as he has a large collection of music videos and pictures, all of which are available for viewing online. His first love was Kimberly, and they had two children together. He was previously married to Mary Toce, who he had two children with. Sadly, the couple divorced after just seven years of marriage and Daniel Toce’s personal life has since been very private.

The two were married for several years before they separated. Daniel Toce pictures and relationship with Kim Zolciak began when she was 14 years old. While she lived with her mother and boyfriend, Toce dated her, forcing her to have sex with him when she was 14 and a minor. The couple’s marriage was troubled by rumors of a relationship in the past, but the couple’s daughter Ariana Biermann revealed the truth in an open letter in the New York Post.

Personal Life:

Kim Toce and Daniel Toce got married in May 2001 and welcomed their daughter Ariana Biermann. The couple separated less than three months later, and Toce was accused of neglecting her. In 2011, Toce was sentenced to prison for sexual assault and was released. He is now free and enjoying life with his family and friends. In the meantime, his son Kairo Toce molests a 15-year-old minor.

After marrying Kim, Daniel Toce was accused of sexual abuse. The victim’s family member revealed that Toce used to punch, slap, and kick her. She later became pregnant and had an abortion. Her mother reportedly threatened her to keep quiet about the abuse. Toce was arrested for sexual assault and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. The case has been ongoing ever since. He is still in prison.

Kim Zolciak is the star of the reality television show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her ex-husband, Daniel Toce, was married to her for three years. They had a daughter, Brielle, and were divorced in February 2003. Toce was known for cheating, but the two never fought. The relationship between the two is over and the pair are no longer together. Despite the rumors, Daniel Toce is still married to his third wife, Kim Zolciak


In 2011, a 15-year-old girl reported Toce to police about her sexual abuse. He was jailed for two years and later switched to probation. He has since gotten married to Kim’s friend, Kim Zolciak-Biermann, a former model of the reality television show. The pair’s marriage was celebrated in Destiny, Florida, and it was the only celebrity wedding in the world to do so.

The couple was married in 2001, and the couple has two daughters. In April 2010, the couple divorced, and their daughter, Ariana, was born on 24 September 2002. While Daniel Toce’s first marriage was a private affair, his second marriage has been public. To date, he is still married to Kim Zolciak. The two are living apart in Atlanta, but his first marriage was public knowledge. During their time together, they were inseparable.

Family life And Net Worth:

Kim Zolciak was married to Daniel Toce on the 5th of May 2001. They had two children together. They divorced on 11 February 2003. Their daughter is named Ariana Zolciak. Toce has a son named Daniel Toce. In 2006, he and Kim Zolciak divorced. It took two years for the couple to reconcile, but their relationship still continues to survive the scandal.

Kim Zolciak and Daniel Toce were married for three years. However, they later split after just three months. The couple has two children together. Despite their separation, they still co-parent two daughters. They had a daughter who was born after their marriage. Nevertheless, there have been rumors about whether Toce and Kim Zolciak had an affair. Some have claimed that Daniel was the one who betrayed them.