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What is the Better Option Between Android TV and Tizen OS?


Tizen: Initially, I liked and used Android for smartphones, but it has become increasingly popular with smart TVs. The company didn’t succeed in becoming the market leader, however. Samsung’s Tizen OS holds this position, with a market share of 12.7%, whereas Android holds 5.9%.

This free and open-source operating system, Tizen, developed by Samsung and Intel, offers support for cell phones, tablets, laptops with operating systems, and televisions with OS, depending on the model. The Android operating system is based on Linux, is open-source, and was developed by Google Corporation.

Android TV vs Tizen OS: Which is best for you?

Even though market share tells us quite a bit about a product’s popularity, it does not always translate into whether it’s a superior product. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at all the differences between Tizen and Android and compare which device is better.

Architecture of technologies

Because Tizen has a lighter weight than Android, it starts faster. With Tizen, you get a 64-bit processor, which Android TVs do not currently offer. As well as better picture quality, Tizen provides a more satisfying television viewing experience.

Tizen gets the point!

Interaction with the user

There is a lot of similarity between the Android and Tizen layouts. Tizen has a more laid out status bar than Android, which has a Google-centric search bar. Tizen’s interface isn’t as easy to use when browsing for recent apps as Android’s. Unlike Android, Tizen does not offer expanded notifications.

I can set the primary highlight colours of your choice on Tizen, but not on Android. In addition, Android scrolls more slowly than Tizen, which makes browsing more enjoyable. In terms of overall interface, both are roughly equal.

There is a tie!

Assistant with voice commands

Compared to Google’s voice assistant, Tizen OS’s voice assistant doesn’t come close. Compared to Tizen, Android offers a much better voice recognition system and an operating system that is deeply integrated with the voice recognition system. Samsung’s ambition to support Google’s virtual assistant soon is so great that they will be adding support for it soon.

Android, point! (at least for now)

App support

In addition to Android TV, the Android Play Store is also available, which houses thousands of TV-optimized apps optimized for TV screen viewing. It is only a matter of time before this number continues to increase! Furthermore, specific Sony TV models can also show Apple TV on their Android TVs. Even though Tizen does not offer the same range of apps as Android, it does support almost all the major streaming platforms available today.

Android, point!

Options for gaming

Android TV, however, offers more inherent gaming functionality than either Tizen or Android since neither was designed for gaming purposes. The Google Play Store is an application that allows you to manage and install applications on any device, including your TV, for example. Similarly, the Tizen OS does not have an app store full of games, which means very few games are available in the OS.

Android, point!

The Final Word: Tizen vs Android

As for gaming, app support, and voice assistant, Android has slightly more points than Tizen, but to be honest, Tizen is more advanced in terms of technical architecture. There is no difference between the two in terms of UI, as far as I am concerned.

The above information indicates that Android takes the lead over the other two operating systems. It should be noted, however, that Tizen OS is an equally good option to consider and can be used by most people without any issues. No essential features are missing from it, so it is not a deal-breaker to make the switch. The downside is that it does have fewer choices than Android. However, you have to decide in your mind how much importance you place on the number of options available to you.

MAZ (now known as Zype Apps Creator) can support both operating systems to meet your requirements. It is essential to be able to choose the right OS for your business if you are in a dilemma. To get started, get in touch with us today.

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