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Cameron Norrie Biography, Wiki, Parents, Age, Ethnicity, Career, Girlfriend, Net worth, And More


Among the professional tennis players of the British federation is Cameron Norrie. October 20, 2021, he was ranked No. 16 in singles. His career-high ranking and he achieved the highest rank in doubles. 123. In addition to his singles title, he also holds a doubles title. Indian Wells Masters was held recently in which he competed.

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(Father’s and Mother’s Names) of Cameron Norrie

The son of David Norrie and Helen Norrie, Cameron Norrie was born on May 1, 1980. In addition to being a Principal Analyst, his father is also a Senior Principal. His mother founded the Regional Urban Studies Laboratory. Brother and sister have the same name, Bronwen.

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Ethnicity & Nationality of Cameron Norrie

Scottish and Welsh are Marilou’s ethnic backgrounds. A Scottish father and a Welsh mother make up his family. It is the American nationality that Cameron Norrie holds.

Wiki, biography, and wiki of Cameron Norrie

August 23, 1995, was Cameron Norrie’s birthday. Johannesburg is where he was born. The full name of Cameron Norrie is Cameron Norrie.

Johannesburg’s high school was where he completed his education. Texas Christian University awarded him a bachelor’s degree.

Biography and Age of Cameron Norrie

It is the 26th year of Cameron Norrie’s life. Astrologically, he is a Virgo. Neither is a Muslim nor a Christian. A left-handed backhand player, he plays with two shades. James Trotman, Devin Bowen, and David Roditi trained him.

In 2017, he became a professional. Coach Facundo Lugones is training him.

Relationship between Cameron Norrie and his girlfriend

Cameron Norrie

The unmarried Cameron Norrie does not have children. Louise Jacobi has been in a relationship with him for years. There is a lot of happiness between this couple. There is not much information about Norrie’s girlfriend that he has shared.

Height and weight of Cameron Norrie

The height and weight of Cameron Norrie are 6 feet 2 inches and 82 kilograms, respectively.

The career of Cameron Norrie

The following is Cameron’s singles record:

A career record of 98–80 (55.1 % of the main draw matches on the ATP World Tour and Grand Slams, as well as in Davis Cup matches)

Two titles in my career

The highest ranking was No. 16 (October 18, 2021)

Currently ranked No. 16 (October 18, 2021).

The following is Norrie’s doubles record:

Matches within the main draw of the Grand Slam, the Davis Cup, and the ATP World Tour (43.3%).

One career title

Highest ranking No. 123 (August 23, 2021)

Current ranking No. 139 (October 18, 2021)

Below are Cameron’s Grand Slam Singles results:

3R at the Australian Open (2021)

3R at the French Open (2021)

3R at Wimbledon (2021)

3R at the US Open in 2020

The following is Norrie’s Grand Slam Doubles record:

Open Australia 2R (2019)

Open French 2R (2019, 2020)

In Wimbledon, 3R (2021)

Open US 2R (2019)

The net worth of Cameron Norrie

The net worth of Cameron Norrie is $49,51,368.

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Cameron Norrie FAQ

Q.1 What is Cameron Norrie?

Ans. Professional tennis player Cameron Norrie is from the United Kingdom.

Q.2 What is the age of Cameron Norrie?

Ans. The age of Cameron Norrie is 26.

Q.3 What are Cameron Norrie’s parents?

Ans. David Norrie and Helen Norrie were the parents of Cameron Norrie.

Q.4 Can you tell me about Cameron Norrie’s ethnicity?

Ans. Scottish-Welsh is Cameron Norrie’s ethnicity.

Q.5 Can you tell me Cameron Norrie’s height?

Ans. In terms of height, Norrie is 6’2″.