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How Did Charlene Perera And Patrick Miller Get Up In This Predicament?


With Charlene and Patrick, the experts looked to have hit gold.

While several of their co-stars opted to break up, they decided to stay together at the end of the day.

On top of that, Patrick is said to have vanished from Charlene’s life once the filming had finished.

They seemed like a perfect combination to fans, but there were a few times when things didn’t go quite as planned.

MAFS fans may remember Charlene telling her husband to “be a man” on the show, and she was also plagued by his overbearing mother, who supposedly didn’t approve of their marriage.

What Happened To Them?

Since Patrick went missing, the pair haven’t reunited, although they appear to be amiable.

“We were at very different stages” was Charlene’s explanation for their divorce after the show.

Rumors of a reconciliation between the two were also fueled after they were spotted together months after the concert.

Patrick, on the other hand, Patrick quickly explained that the two are just pals.

In response to a fan, he said, “I haven’t seen Charlene in a while, but it was just like seeing an old friend.”

What Has Become Of Patrick?

It’s not clear if Patrick has a girlfriend, but he’s obviously changed his job path since he appeared on the series.

His appearance in an X-rated music video for Australian artists Xposed Xotics made news last year.

In an Instagram post, he wrote, “What an incredible endeavor this has been working with Xposed Xotics.” He then joked about his acting career.

In actuality, I’m now want to be an actor, not a reality TV cast member.” He laughed and remarked, “That’s gotta be an upgrade, lol.”


Charlene Has Vanished Without A Trace.

Charlene was rumoured to be dating her MAFS co-star, Mathew Lockett, after they were spotted together in a picture.

After a photo of Charlene and MAFS co-star Mathew Lockett surfaced, the two were speculated to be dating.

Charlene was kissed on the cheek by Mat as he swiped at Patrick in a selfie he shared.

Since discovering your relationship with my former wife, I’ve had many sleepless nights thinking how I could ever get you back,” he stated in his letter.

However, “But Then, Why Don’t I Run Off With Your Wife?”

Neither Charlene nor Marcus Tanti responded to the rumours, and in fact, Charlene began dating Marcus Tanti, a fellow Melbournian.

Char swore to return to Bumble as soon as possible after their breakup in 2019

While the news of their split surprised many of their fans, co-star Telv Williams believes he knew it was coming before anybody else.

‘I knew Pat and Charlene wouldn’t work,’ he said to the publication.

Patrick and Charlene have been contacted by Daily Mail Australia for comment.

Charlene and Patrick made it clear that they hadn’t spoken since shooting their last vows, which saw them both promise to stay together.

Charlene admitted to the scientists, ‘We haven’t seen each other since we left the experiment.

‘It was just radio silence for two weeks,’ she said.

A few modest responses came back to me when I texted them’ Unfortunately, we didn’t even exchange any words, which was a huge letdown.

As Charlene put it, ‘I would’ve hoped Pat would’ve made an effort if he was really into it.’

Upon completion of filming, Patrick stated that he was exhausted and in need of some down time to recover from the ordeal.

To get back into the swing of things, “It took me a few weeks,” he said.

my family, my friends, or anyone else in my life.’ My time was limited, and I wanted some space to focus on what was most important to me.

It wasn’t until Mel Schilling pointed out that Pat had been in a relationship that the experts called him out on his seclusion.

Since you and Charlene had recommitted, she became your partner.

His final words were that he was uncomfortable leaning on her after the experiment ended since he didn’t like the way Charlene had ended the trial with her final vows.

They awkwardly agreed to just see what happens’ going ahead when Charlene replied with the statement that her vows had no restrictions.