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How Much Is The Boltz Pro Phone Charger Worth?


Many people are raving about this Boltz pro charger because of stories like “Kathy,” about an innovative middle school teacher, and the idea that it can slow down their phones’ aging process while increasing their battery life.

However, if you go beyond the supposedly positive evaluations on the Internet, you’ll find that this product does not have genuine consumer reviews. Affiliate marketers that don’t care if the product works or not wrote good evaluations. All they care about is getting paid.

You should be concerned about whether or not this phone charger will charge your phone quickly and without causing any damage.

What You Need To Know About The Boltz Pro Charger For Your Cell Phone!

Even though this rapid charging device has a lot of good ratings, they aren’t giving you the whole truth about it. It’s not a good idea to use the Boltz Pro charger for the following reasons.

  • False Propositions

The promise that this charger can charge a phone from 0% to 100% in under 15 minutes is entirely incorrect. You can see photographs of this charger on; however, films that promote it show a Chinese device named QuickCharge US Adaptor, which is not what the company claims.

Boltz Pro Charger customers have confirmed that it does not charge phones as quickly as it says and is Chinese.

  • To Pay A Huge Cost

It costs about $22 from BolzPro. The product’s name is “QuickCharge,” It can be purchased on Aliexpress for as little as $4. In the Chinese market, Boltz Pro bought these chargers, rebranded them as “Boltz Pro,” ran a massive advertising campaign using a Middle School narrative, and now wants you to pay $22 for it when you can get it for far cheaper costs elsewhere.

  • Phony Customer Testimonials

All glowing online testimonials, including those on YouTube and blogs, are entirely made up. They were practically identical in content, with only a few minor differences.

We’ve read many similar reviews with the same device, all the same in our experience.

 Boltz Pro

Is The Boltz Pro Charger A Scam Or A Real Thing?

You need to know two things: “Yes, certain chargers are fast, but they present two difficulties,” First and foremost, there is HEAT. The Boltz Pro has a 3 amp output known to overheat and damage batteries. Second, it drains the battery of the phone. There is no truth to Boltz Pro’s claim that battery aging and damage can be reversed.

What Sets Boltzpro Apart From The Rest?

Boltz isn’t just for Quicktime 3.0 anymore! A USB cable can charge any of your gadgets, including older fast-charging models.

To get the correct amount of electricity for your gadget, you must plug in your USB cord.

You may plug in various devices, such as your phone, tablet, Kindle, speakers, and more, all simultaneously.

The charger detects each port’s specific output requirements, automatically adjusting the charger’s current output to meet those needs.

If an overheating, overcharging, or short circuit occurs, your gadgets will not be “fried” by BoltzPro’s technology.

The built-in surge protection will shut down whenever the voltage hits the maximum safety level of 33W. It’s completely risk-free!

Final verdict_How Real Is Boltz Pro?

According to our investigation, the Boltz Pro phone charger is not authentic. This fast charger has been criticized by customers who purchased it because it does not charge as quickly as advertised. Furthermore, the information provided by the alleged middle school teacher who claims to have invented it does not match the actual appearance of the object. The words “Made in China” are embossed on the box. Boltz Pro is nowhere to be seen.


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