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Is KissCartoon Safe In 2022? Legal Alternatives to KissCartoon


KissCartoon is a well-known website that offers free streaming of animated television programs and motion pictures, primarily American cartoons, films, and some anime. It was for a long time the finest choice for individuals who prefer animated television and for young children who adore cartoons.

Without a membership, I may use any web browser to see Kiss cartoons in HD. The website’s easy-to-use layout and well-organized material simplify browsing and binge-watching your preferred film or television program.

But if you know that KissCartoon is unsafe or prohibited, will you still go there and see the content?

Could you continue reading to learn more about it?

What is KissCartoon, Exactly?

KissCartoon was hosted from servers located in nations where copyright laws are not enforced and were owned and run by Kiss Anime Network, an international business. The website and Mangastream are relatively comparable.

In addition to KissCartoon, they operate some other websites that sell stolen content, including manga comics, American comics, and in-demand Korean drama TV episodes.

Exists KissCartoon Still? How Did Kisscartoon Fare?

Since founded ten years ago, KissCartoon has hosted animated films and television episodes, enabling millions of people to view them for free. However, I shut it down in 2017 in response to a request for criminal prosecution by the American ambassador to Vietnam.

The clone sites soon began to circulate and are now accessible on the internet. Therefore, the websites you visit now are fraudulent clones, and their owner is unknown. Look at some of the websites that are imitations of KissCartoon:

KissCartoon Some Sites


KissCartoon Is Safe And Legal.

Regarding the legality and safety of using the KissCartoon app and website, let me inform you that it is not safe and may also allow malware to infect your device.

KissCartoon offers pirated versions of movies and cartoons, which makes it unlawful for them to be posted. As a result, they are removed as soon as they are found, along with the other clone websites. However, they continue to utilize the cloned copies to keep the site active and running under a new domain name.

Many KissCartoon clone sites bring a danger of viruses along with them. However, some suit the function extremely effectively. You will encounter several pop-ups, adverts, and redirection when accessing the website, all of which are ways for them to make money. These advertisements are loaded on your web browser by a JavaScript file, which can be infected with malware. Such advertisements might harm your device because a reliable network doesn’t regulate them. According to allegations, KissCartoon allows visitors’ devices to be accessed by hackers who use such devices to mine bitcoins, slowing visitors’ devices.


It’s also conceivable that KissCartoon isn’t directly responsible for the malware and bitcoin miners, but rather the owner’s negligence in failing to take preventive action against such nefarious activities. Therefore, whenever you visit such clone sites, remember that you invite malware to access your system; it is advised to maintain a strong antivirus and a high-quality PC cleaner installed.

These websites operate as replicas of the genuine KissCartoon, and no one knows who is in charge, making them a wholly risky choice.

With the same domain name but different domain suffixes, the fraudulent websites are accessible. Therefore, if you search for KissCartoon on the internet, you will see several websites like or instead of the original; moreover, the original is now run by some clone operators.

Proxy sites for KissCartoon in 2020

If you’re wondering where I can download cartoons for free or searching for KissCartoon proxy sites, here are some sites that are clones of Kisscartoon that let you stream cartoons and animated movies for free:

  1. KissAnime

The Japanese anime website KissAnime, a member of the KissCartoon family, has stunning themes, lively characters, and vibrantly colored animation. Users of KissAnime and KissCartoon have a similar sensation due to the layout similarities.

  1. KissCartoon.Info

KissCartoon. Information has a streamlined structure that makes it simpler to hunt for engaging and favored cartoons to watch without charge. Given the wide selection of anime programs and cartoon films it offers, it is one of the finest KissCartoon alternatives of 2020.

  1. Anime Toon

As it provides the entire library of cartoon series, Anime Toon is yet another excellent substitute for KissCartoon. Additionally, new episodes are continuously added so that you won’t miss out on any amusement. In addition, there is a separate category for well-known series, so if you are unfamiliar with anime, you may look there.

These websites are well-known for being KissCartoon downloaders and may provide access to any anime films and cartoon series, but you should also consider the legal choices indicated below.

KissCartoon 2020 Legal Alternatives

Take a look at the list and select the option that best suits your taste; why opt for illegal options when you have so many legal alternatives right here:

  1. Netflix

Netflix is a fantastic resource for entertainment, offering a wide variety of HD-quality films, TV episodes, animated series, and web series. Additionally, it continuously adds new seasons, series, and episodes; the only negative is that you must pay a monthly price to binge-watch your preferred show.

  1. Hulu

Hulu is your best option if you want to watch Rick and Morty, a well-known cartoon formerly accessible on KissCartoon. The Rick and Morty seasons, including Season 4, are available; the cartoon is packed with humor and fiction.

  1. Kindle Fire

Another great place to get entertainment is Amazon Prime, which has many movies, TV shows, web series, and cartoons. If you want to watch your favorite animation or cartoon show for free, you can use this platform; however, you could have to pay a monthly fee for some programs.

  1. Crunchyroll

You may watch your preferred anime and dramas for free on Crunchyroll officially and legally. You may even test out the premium version, which has extra benefits like HD resolution, no advertisements, etc. Before paying the subscription fee, you may also try out the premium membership for a free 14-day period.

  1. Crackle

Action, horror, crime, sci-fi, comedy films, and TV series are all well represented in Crackle’s library. You may also search for full-length, top-notch Hollywood films. You may use the search bar to go through the thousands of TV programs and drama series listed on the webpage.

In Video Review :


KissCartoon is one of the most popular websites on the internet, with over 100 million monthly visitors. However, in light of recent legal changes and rising concerns over child safety online, KissCartoon may not be safe for use as an online entertainment site in 2022. If you’re looking for an alternative to KissCartoon in the meantime, here are some safe, legal options that you may want to consider.

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