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Madison Bailey Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Ethnicity, Parents, Career, Net Worth, And More.


American actress Madison Bailey is one of them. She is well-known for playing Kiarra Carrera in the Netflix adolescent drama Outer Banks.

Here, you were fully informed about Madison Bailey’s parents. Who are the parents of Madison Bailey? What ethnicity is Madison Bailey?

Parents (Father, Mother), Siblings Of Madison Bailey

Alex Bailey and Katherine Bailey give birth to Madison (father). There is no information available regarding her parents’ occupations because she was adopted.

She has three siblings as well as three brothers. Greg Bailey is her only brother, and Katie Bailey is her sister.

You can find out everything about Madison Bailey’s Biography, Wiki, Age, Boyfriend, Ethnicity, Parents, Career, Net Worth, And More.

Ethnicity And Nationality Of Madison Bailey

The race of Madison Bailey is African-Italian. Madison Bailey is a citizen of the United States.

Madison Bailey’s Biography And Wiki

The birth of Madison Bailey on January 29, 1999. In the United States, she was born in Kernersville, North Carolina. Madison Lilly Bailey is her full name.

She attended East Forsyth High School for her education.

Madison Bailey’s Age And Biography

The age of Madison Bailey is 22. She is an Aquarius by birth sign. She practises Christianity.

Boyfriends Of Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey

Mariah Linney and Madison Bailey are dating. The star of the women’s basketball team at University of North Carolina at Charlotte is Mariah. Their forearms are covered with similar tattoos.

Bailey, Madison (Madison) Height, Weight

The height of Madison Bailey is 5 feet and 8 inches, and she weighs around 57 kg.

Madison Bailey’s Professional Life

Madison’s acting career got its start when a classmate from school dragged her into participating in school musicals. In 2015, she appeared in a television drama for the first time in the United States called Constantine.

She became well-known for her performance as Kiarra Carrera in the adolescent drama Outer Banks, streamed on Netflix.

She is planning to keep working on Outer Banks during its third season.

Net Worth Of Madison Bailey’s  

The sum of $500,000 is Madison Bailey‘s total assets.

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Madison Bailey FAQs

Q.1 What is Madison Bailey?

Ans. Madison Bailey is a well-known actress in the United States.

Q.2 What are Madison Bailey’s parents?

Ans. Kate Bailey, Madison’s mother, and Alex Bailey, her father, are her parents.

Q.3 Who is Madison Bailey’s boyfriend and girlfriend?

Ans. She plays women’s basketball for the University of North Carolina, Charlotte.

Q.4 Can you tell me Madison Bailey’s ethnicity?

Ans. Afro-Italian is the ethnicity of Stellina Morrison. Her nationality is American.