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Lisa Sparks Orders McDonald’s After Sleeping with 919 Men in One Day


You must already have been greatly astonished by the title. The incident will certainly make you giggle, so there’s that. According to the reports, Lisa Sparks was competing that day against two other women. By the time the game was through, she had defeated her closest competitor by a margin of 21 men. Would you be interested in learning more about Lisa Spark’s fascinating experience?

Keep reading until the end because we’ll reveal some fascinating facts about the star. Let’s look at it!

Who is Lisa Sparks?

Given that you are reading this, you must be interested in learning more about the life of the well-known adult star Lisa Spark. You’ve come to the right place because we’ll give you all the important information about her life and profession. As you are aware, some incredibly unique people hold world records. The world record for the most men to sleep in 24 hours is one of the most frightening. Lisa Sparks, a woman, is the one holding it. Sounds strange, huh? Let’s look at it!

As we already mentioned, Lisa Sparks, also known as Lisa Sparxxx, is an American adult film actress. In just 7.5 hours, she has completed the extraordinary achievement. This odd record was set by Lisa Sparks on October 16, 2004, in Warsaw, Poland. It would be best if you were startled to learn that she smashed the world record by sleeping with 919 men, up from 759. Yes, you heard correctly; it is unbelievable and shocking.

According to the figures provided by the world record directors, she slept for an average of 45 seconds with each man. This indicates that it took 45 seconds for one man to sleep with her before another did the same. She later acknowledged that while she had fun, she had also been in discomfort for approximately a week.

Here are some more exciting details about Lisa Sparks

After reading the title, many of our readers have become obsessed with this subject. Therefore, we are here to give you all the fascinating information. In a recent Daily Star interview, Lisa made the shocking admission.

She asserted that the men were prepared to go when their turn came since “flutters” were there. She appeared to be competing that day against two other women. So, by the time the game was through, she had defeated her nearest competitor by a margin of 21 men.

Lisa Sparks

As we previously noted, the adult star defeated the previous record holder in the 2003 Annual World Gangbang Championship, who had slept with 759 people. The previous record holder was no match for Lisa the next year when they faced off. In contrast, the 2002 competition saw a record-breaking 646 male competitors. We can only speculate as to how she accomplished this impossibly tricky undertaking.

How did the public learn about this incident?

You can see why breaking the Guinness record for sleeping with 919 men in just 7.5 hours would be nearly impossible. But Lisa Sparks succeeded. Was it, however, sufficiently legal? Let us explain the specifics to you. In an interview, Lisa sparks said that when the Polish government heard about this incident from their sources, it infuriated them. They then threatened to have everyone there arrested. They were forced to move the event to a top-secret warehouse.

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At this point, Lisa asserted that the situation was so monotonous that she felt compelled to place a McDonald’s order. In her more than 21 years working in the prostitution business, she admitted, “To be completely honest with you all, this event is the one thing I regret doing.” Amusing, no?


You must be familiar with the name Lisa Sparks. Don’t you know who she is? Someone set world records in various categories; however, we had never before considered the possibility of persons setting a world record for the most people slept with in a single day. Because of this, the celebrity will always stand out from the crowd among those similar to them.

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