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Starbucks’ viral “Under the sea refresher”


If TikTok is helpful for anything, it’s for showing us all the foods and beverages we wish we could have. There is practically nothing that app can’t make, from fantastic meals to some of the best cocktails. But regrettably, just because something appears fantastic online doesn’t necessarily mean it is. Knowing what is a viral hoax will save you from embarrassing yourself in front of others.

One of the most popular viral drinks reportedly goes by the name “Under the Sea Refresher” and is sold at Starbucks. It has a lot of Little Mermaid vibes. However, too many alleged secret menus at the coffee behemoth have been published for us to accept this at face value, and as a result, our faith has been betrayed. Is this beverage even real, or is this just another cruel joke?

What is Starbucks’ new undersea refresher?

Eventually, a Starbuck secret menu drink that has us scratching our heads as to how they prepared it becomes popular. Recently, a beverage known as the Starbucks under the sea refreshing has gained popularity. People are unsure if Starbucks’ widely popular beneath the sea refreshment is indeed real. The outside is a vivid blue with colourful treats. The name “Under the sea refreshment” refers to a blue iced beverage with a variety of sticky worms on the outside. It seems really alluring, especially in the heat.


How real is Starbucks’ viral “under the sea refresher”? 

Unfortunately no. It’s not possible to order the under the ocean refreshment Starbucks drink at the store. The explanation for this is that Starbucks doesn’t add candy worms to its beverages. People were unhappy when they went to Starbucks to get this drink, so the inventor of the Starbucks under the sea refreshment drink shut off commentary when it got viral. Therefore, under the ocean refreshment, a Starbuck drink that is available there, isn’t a genuine drink.

There are currently no ingredients in Starbucks US that can make you turn blue. We’ve wanted something for a while, but it hasn’t yet materialised.

Is Starbucks’ under the sea refresher just a joke?

We can see on Tik Tok all the foods and beverages we wish we could have. There is nothing that this software cannot make, including some of the best dishes and beverages. But regrettably, just because something seems real online doesn’t mean it is also real in reality. It is occasionally vital to identify a viral humbug before embarrassing oneself in front of others. A Starbucks drink called “under the ocean lesson” that has strong little mermaid vibes is one of the most recent viral beverages.

Starbucks customers were tricked into ordering “under the sea refresher”

Due to a viral video, Starbucks consumers have been duped into ordering a fictitious “new” drink at the coffee shop. The most recent TikTok drink order at Starbucks was the “under the ocean lesson,” but instead of quenching consumers’ thirst, it made them feel ashamed. In December, Hannah Galligan, a Tik Tok user, produced a popular video encouraging viewers to “run, don’t walk,” to their local Starbucks and buy an item known as the “under the sea refresher.” The video received over 13 million views and 1.1 million likes, indicating that viewers frequently wanted to test out the lesson about Starbucks in the ocean for themselves.

The app then posted further videos that attracted viewers and appeared to show people attempting the Starbucks under the sea refreshment. Even Starbucks employees got involved in the controversy by appearing in films holding the blue beverage and gushing about how delicious the company’s “under the sea refreshing” drink is.

As proved by those who did try it through, the Starbuck ” beneath the sea refresher” doesn’t exist. Tik Tok drug users who attempt to order the creation are embarrassed, making the order a successful prank that could have been approved by Ashton Kutcher and MTV.


Newsweek received confirmation from a Starbucks representative that the beverage depicted in the videos is not actually available and that it is not at all promoted. “Neither the Starbucks menu nor customization options are available for this beverage. We are not aware of any instances in which one of these cocktails was purposefully delivered to a customer. We have strict guidelines for food safety, and using chemicals in beverages is against those guidelines.

Can you make Starbucks’ ‘under the ocean lesson’ at home?

How disorganised these Starbucks baristas are, we can only assume. Even the ingredients to prepare the Starbucks “under the ocean lesson” at home might not be available to them. Fortunately, it doesn’t appear to be that difficult to prepare on your own with only a variety of materials, and it just takes a few minutes.

  • Pour some sticky worms into the mug to start.
  • Pour the sports drink on top of the ice-covered surface.
  • With a few obvious additions, you may also play about.
  • With a personal Starbuck turner, you can do the entire task.


With over 7 million views on the original video, it’s understandable how this joke would have gotten lost in the mix. The TikTok beneath the water refresher was originally intended as a joke from a TikTok user. The joke isn’t particularly funny to observers, despite the fact that it looks awesome. Fortunately, there is a way to recreate the Starbucks under the sea lesson at home if you still want to. Just don’t plan on ordering this popular TikTok under the sea Starbucks drink at your local, whatever you do.

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