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Paige Hurd Bio, Wiki, Biography, Photos, Parents, Nationality, Age, Height, Boyfriend


She is an American actress whose real name is Paige Audrey Marie Hurd, aka Paige Hurd. The American sitcom Everybody Hates Chris features her in the role of Tasha Clarkson.

The ethnicity of Paige Hurd’s parents is presently a topic of interest among her fans. What is the family background of Paige Hurd? You can find the following information below.

Mother and Father of Paige Hurd

Cheryl Martin (Mother) gave birth to Paige Hurd. There is no mention of her father. CMA Entertainment is her mother’s company. The rapper DMX was her godfather. Four siblings exist in her family. Twins are her siblings. There is no mention of her siblings.

You will find information regarding Paige Hurd’s Parents, Sports, Wiki, Biography, Photos, Age, Height, New Boyfriend & More.

Ethnicity and nationality of Paige Hurd

Afro-Puerto Rican and African American are the ethnicities of Paige Hurd. She was raised by an African-American father and a Puerto Rico-born mother as a child. Paige Hurd holds American nationality.

Wiki, biography, and pictures of Paige Hurd

The 20th of July 1992 was Paige Hurd’s birthday, and she was born in Dallas. In either case, Texas should be considered part of the United States. Paige Audrey Marie Hurd is her full name. Paige Hurd is her nickname.

Indian Creek Elementary School was where Hurd completed her education. In addition to graduating from Nebraska-Lincoln, she is an attorney.

Biography, Age, and Physical Description of Paige Hurd

Twenty-nine years old is Paige Hurd. Astrologically, she is Cancer. She was born into the Christian religion because of her Christian background.

Guy Who Is Dating Paige Hurd

Maurice Harkless has been Paige Hurd’s boyfriend since 2013, and they have not been married. Her past relationships include Michael Rainey Jr. ( Future), Tyler James Williams ( 2015), Ronald Miller ( 2015 ), Tequan Richmond, Cortez Bryant, Steph Jones, Lil Twist, Combs, and Very Miller, Corde Broadus, as well as Pj Scott.

Height and weight of Paige Hurd

Approximately 52 kilograms is Paige Hurd’s weight and height.

Paige Hurd

A brief career overview of Paige Hurd

In the TV series Everbody Hates Chris, Paige played the character Tasha. Cradle 2 the Grave, released in 2003, featured her in the role of Rapper DMX’s daughter.

A comedy film starring Hurd was released in 2003. I filmed a comedy called Beauty Shop in 2005 with her. Justin Bieber’s Never Let You Go music video also featured her.

Among the movies she acted in were Thriller in 2018, The Grandmother’s House in 2016, Ashes of the Rogue, Scarred and Deadly in 2009, and many more.

Among the television series, she appeared in were Felicity in 2000, The Boomtown Show in 2002, Happy Days in 2002, Zack & Cody in 2005, and others.

Salary and net worth of Paige Hurd

There is a $2 million net worth for Paige Hurd.

You can find the social media profiles of Paige Hurd on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Here are some answers to your questions about Paige Hurd

Q.1 Could you tell me what Paige Hurd is?

Ans. She is an American actress who goes by the name Paige Hurd.

Q.2 What is the age of Paige Hurd?

Ans. 29 is the age of Paige Hurd.

Q.3 Would you mind telling me who Paige Hurd’s parents are?

Ans. Cheryl Martin (Mother) gave birth to Paige Hurd. No mention is made of her father.

Q.4 How would you describe Paige Hurd’s ethnicity?

Ans. African-American and Puerto Rican are Paige Hurd’s ethnicities.

Q.5 In which country was Paige Hurd born?

Ans. The United States was the birthplace of Paige Hurd.

Q.6 In what height is Paige Hurd?

Ans. Five feet three inches is Paige Hurd’s height.

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