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What is EastEnders New Set?


During the following season, EastEnders will renovate Elstree’s outside set.

the exterior set at its Elstree home has been permitted restoration and expansion to guarantee long-term survival of both the programme and venue for BBC One’s flagship drama series.

It seems that the BBC Executive Board has decided on a set of boundaries for the development, and the work is expected to begin shortly, subject to planning approval.

This new expanded set will enable the show to develop and adapt while also offering the breadth and flexibility it requires for future seasons. Filming for EastEnders has taken place on the original outdoor set for close to 30 years.

EastEnders will benefit from this new set, which will look and feel like the present one, but will be 20 percent bigger to allow for more editorial ambition and better working conditions for the cast and crew of the soap opera.

While the permanent building is being repaired, an on-site temporary set will be constructed. The BBC is presently looking into the possibility of using the temporary set for educational and visiting programmes in the future.

Ex-EastEnders Executive Producer Dominic Treadwell-Colins said that the BBC’s dedication to the show’s future is evident in this “tremendously intriguing initiative.” Viewers will be able to experience the East End of London like never before thanks to the new exterior set.

There will be more stories to tell, higher quality and more interoperability with modern devices thanks to a new and upgraded set. Our characters will be able to spend more time in a variety of locations, and we’ll be able to explore new regions and possibilities that weren’t previously feasible.”

As the head of BBC Drama Production in England, Kate Harwood is pleased that the BBC Executive Board has decided that this initiative is critical to investing in the future of EastEnders.

The show’s enhancements and modernisation are critical to the program’s growth and success. During the show’s 30th anniversary, this is an excellent chance to assure the show’s long-term existence.”

The BBC’s decision to invest in the external lot was supported after a careful evaluation.

Prior to construction commencing in early 2015, BBC Elstree is expected to begin preparatory work on the temporary set this year.

The removal of construction equipment from the site this week suggests that Walford’s new headquarters is approaching completion.

According to the Mirror, the tradies in Borehamwood have put down their tools and decided to go.

In spite of the coronavirus shut down, the set’s delays were not solely due to the virus itself.

The project has come under fire for being overbudget by £27 million and taking three years to complete.

Viewers were given a first look at the new Queen Vic in April last year when EastEnders premiered a preview of its construction.

Walford East tube station’s freshly restored set includes a flat building and a railway tunnel.

The show’s old set, built in 1984 out of steel frames, plywood, and plaster brick panels, will be replaced with a new one.

The BBC undertook the monumental task of constructing a brand-new set in Walford in order to make the town HD-ready.

Originally built in 1984, the existing set was planned to be utilised for just two years before being taken down and replaced.

Producers of EastEnders are unable to utilise the present set for HD shooting because they are concerned that viewers would be able to see that the facades are constructed of plaster and plywood.

Even though the new HD set’s buildings are built entirely of brick, they appear precisely like the previous ones.

During the first season of EastEnders in 1984, the BBC announced that the show’s set had been meant to be utilised for just two years.

More than 30 years after its initial transmission, one of the BBC’s most popular series is still being filmed on an out-of-date set.

It will be the first time that Walford has been filmed in HD, and the new set will enable Walford to grow.

Those who follow the soap series EastEnders will have to wait a few more years for further information regarding prospective visits to the set, which was originally slated for 2018.