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Anastasia Soare Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And More


The Net Worth of Anastasia Soare has increased tremendously in recent years. Her wealth is derived primarily from her television show and cosmetics line. The actress has been married twice and has a daughter with Victor. Soare is an ex-wife and has kept her personal life under wraps. She divorced her husband for unspecified reasons. Her net worth is approximately $800 million.

Early life:

Anastasia Soare Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And More

In her early life, Soare studied art and architecture. She married a ship captain in 1977. Their daughter, Claudia, was born in 1988. The couple divorced in 1994. She has a net worth of $175 million. Soare’s Instagram account has more than 17 million followers. She is a well-known entrepreneur. The owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills cosmetics is her husband.

An American citizen, Anastasia Soare was born on December 28, 1956, in Constanta, Romania. She studied architecture and art in her native country before relocating to Los Angeles in 1990. In 1997, she launched her own cosmetics line. Her brand is now the world’s most famous. It is a multi-billion dollar empire, and she is considered a self-made billionaire.


As an entrepreneur, Anastasia Soare has created an empire by making her own cosmetics and launching her own line. Her eponymous brand is now valued at several hundred million dollars. The company’s products are highly popular with makeup lovers and artists. And Soare’s net worth is growing every year. A recent Forbes article revealed that she was worth over $1 billion.

Soare’s fortune has increased dramatically since the founding of her company in 1997. She is now the fourth richest businesswoman in Romania and has been credited with making beauty products that have become a global phenomenon. In addition to paving her own empire, she has also established the Anastasia Brighter Horizon Foundation. The foundation aims to help young people transition out of the foster care system.

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Personal Life:

Anastasia Soare Net Worth, Early Life, Career, Personal Life And More

The Romanian-born Soare started her own cosmetics line, Anastasia Beverly Hills, in 1997. She is married to her husband, Victor Soare, who is a former ship captain. The couple has a daughter, Claudia Soare. It is unclear if the two had a relationship. The entrepreneur’s daughter is also involved in the business.

Her net worth is estimated at $1.2 billion. Her net worth is derived from her cosmetics company and her successful career as a businesswoman. She has 1 child, Claudia Soare. Her social media accounts include Instagram. There is no other information about the cost of her home. Soare’s Instagram account has 17 million followers. This makes her an entrepreneur who is very well known in her community.

Anastasia Net Worth:

The net worth of Anastasia Soare is estimated at $150 million. Her income is also estimated to be $30 million. She is a divorced woman and has been single for some time. She has been married three times and has two children. She has worked with many well-known personalities, including Kim Kardashian and Oprah Winfrey. Her earnings are substantial and she has appeared on numerous TV shows.

Anastasia Soare’s net worth is estimated at $1 Billion. She earned her fortune as a professional Entrepreneur. Her weight is not known right now. Her personal life is also kept private. She is single and has no relationships. She is divorced but hasn’t revealed any details. You can check out her biography on Wikipedia or her biography to get more information.

During the communist era in Romania, Soare’s family had to flee the country. Her husband was a Romanian citizen, and they had moved to the United States in 1989. But she had an “unshakeable belief” in her future and decided to follow the American Dream. The family has made $1.5 billion and continues to grow. She has 19 million followers on Instagram.